open all not-permitted systems

i know the word "immersive" has a negative trigger feeling for some players, my suggestion will not limit anything but on the contrary, more open and more simple and clear explanation in the mechanic, why not jump into a locked system. current mechanic shows the locked-system in nav-panel but not explain to me WHY i cannot click and jump to the system!

my suggestion:
1. open all permitted systems, commander can select the system in nav-panel and click jump
2. before jump, commander will become a Warning (about locked system) from Bordcomputer, with the option to cancel the jump.
3. depending on the system:
  • for not explored systems: navigation panel shows the not-permitted system as anomaly (no correct jump-navigation coordinates exist)
    • -> if the commander jumps anyway (you ship will warn you before), he will land inside the Main Star and explode immediately
  • for human-controlled systems but without permission (like the new system for new Commanders), show system in navpanel as not authorised
    • -> if commander jump into system (you ship will warn you before), a bunch of Local System Authority Ships (10 Condas, 10 Fer-de-Lance, and so on.. ) will immediately interdicting you (100% chance) and attack you / or you get a last warning and a chance to jump away within 10 seconds. ship rebuy cost will be double for not obeying Authorities. in the time you are in the system, the Authority Ships will Jamming all your Ship-instruments, so you cannot open the system-map (you get a malfunction error) and can only jump away to the previous system.
the benefit will be more logical and intuitive and immersive jump-mechanic, that explain you with self-experience, why you cannot or better you should not jump to not-permitted system.

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