Open FFED3D thread

I don't like to counteract i just like to keep other threads clean.

Reasons why i started this:
- I'm very generous about topic
because i'm known for posting often off topic anywhere i'm present in the web, post whatever you like which might be even only losely related to FFED3D. Modding, joking, pestering, ranting and raving no problem at all. Post thoughts and ideas even stupid sounding ones or yes even stupid questions unlike other "hackers" i think there are no stupid questions only stupid answers. (there is a reason, stupid questions can be the most fertile if you say "don't ask stupid questions" you will never notice someones thought which could be a hint in a new direction to go, how it's said "our head is round that we always can change the direction we heading to"). Yes of course RTFM and all that tard, but what's the problem? I'm not in a hurry. Further if you stuck with something then the reason is mostly because you are focussed someone asking a "stupid question" can help you he won't be focussed.
Just as an example, "pioneer space sim" changed a lot in the past but the documentation doesn't reflects that, there is no RTFM it won't help you. Besides i'm not the one who will keep the wiki in shape, not after all what went down. Not to answer and to tell RTFW is not only lame seen from my ward it's also arrogant.

As you can see by the tags i also accept here anything about FE2, FFE, JJFFE or FFED3D, they are such close that i feel it's more then ok to mix that up, if you have questions or mentions to "Pioneer" resp. to "Phoenix" then please use my other thread about "Phoenix", but i won't be angry if such is posted even here.

- I need a thread to show off my models for FFED3D

For sure it will be watched by AndyJ or whom ever who is envolved in the further development of FFED3D.
If something of interest happens here it will be noticed (i assume), else one could filter it and post then relative things to Andy's threads.
Let's start with something not so well and not so impressive.
I like the ship interior artwork in FFED3D much, vbery much, but it wouldn't be me if i wouldn't prefere something else ;)


A thing for trekkies ;)

Oh and i'm listening right now to "James Bondage" nice MIDI tune, would you like that?
Here's the respective MOD for you with a lot of Sci-Fi TV and Movie themes and some other all converted from MIDI files, i guess it should be ok to publish them as a mod and i took a some care not to take explicit copyrighted ones, in first degree the work belongs to the composer and not to whom sequenced it. I noted in the filename and in the tags either who sequenced it or the company which published it if that is known to me, for tv and movie scores i didn't took the work to research who composed or published them they are widely known i guess.

Well it's a mod and if i run into copyright issues then it's my problem, something i don't mind much about they can't kill me for this and it's not possible to strip a naked man. If they like they can obtain my debts or load a little more to it, i don't mind i won't get wealthy anymore.

I know they are already a whole year old, but well thet's the recent "Kestrel" like all of my ships they are available with cockpit and pilot or with a black window and no pilot to be more compliant to the rest of the ships in FFED3D. It's not bad but to be hinest i like the more primitive model i mede for "Phoenix FFE mod" better. Probably depending on the result when converted to an .x mesh i will use the new model.

The main difference is that the first model is build on an impression and the new one reflects more the original geometry while i changed certain parts to bezier shapes. Sure it will look different when rebuild in blender for the use in FFED3D. The wings are shaped much better as for my first model, textures are based on the original FFE textures even when i took here a comouflage texture and the original Kestrel comes flat coloured. the engines are of course cooloer in the first model but it's no problem to take them for my new version. Mostly they differ because of the strong limitations of a scripted geometry, i had to find a way to let in the landing gear, which is ermmm hmmm quite funny on the original FFE model. The matte surface of the Phoenix version is caused by the simple way we applied a greyscale from the original texture as specular texture. For both i can see better solutions in the future - real specular maps.

I have to close, windows performs one of it's extremly important updates and you can't tell it anymore to do that not exactly when you like to use the machine and the thread has priority over all other, tard it is, hated even by one of the employees (ex) of MS, he liked to make a presentation and right then windows had to be updated and he couldn't make his presentation. Why can't we shedule this anymore that's really stupid.

The base model for the Kestrel is the Hawk both use identical sub-models.

If you wonder why i make screenshots using "Faststone" there is a simple reason it's the worst idea to put something on "CTRL-Asterisk", because that won't work at least on german and swiss german keybords, numpad asterisk isn't the same (besides my notebook has no numpad) and asterisk is on our keybords to reach with "Shift - 3" the combination "Shift - Ctrl - 3" won't work. Neiter i can assign a different key (without using a keymapper) so unfortunately i have to use a software to make screenshots.
Surprisingly i found once my "Stud City IP Shuttle" in the Mods published with FFED3D, no problem so far it's just that it won't fit well and was ment only as a sort of gag. to be honest neither i like the "IP Shuttle" which is content of original FFED3D imho it differs to much from the original, yes, very simple shuttle model.
Overall i like them closer to FFE and many ships won't fit to my impression, that won't mean that mine are better i just like them better that's all. Personally i really like much what i did for "Phoenix FFE mod" very close to the originals and i have a different style i like them sober. while the IP Shuttle and the Lifter have no real function and are mostly a decorative element the "Constrictor" is a often used ship and pardon me but the "Conny" which is part of FFED3D looks ermm.... - erm ;)
I often took care about that ship, altered at least the landing gear animation for this specific model and even took over what i created once for "Pioneer". It was made in a hurry and i didn't respected the diferent thruster setup which i did then for my latest Constrictor conversion. It's no must and i see my ships more as a mod to FFED3D as anything else, of course for missing ships like the Kestrel or Hawk i hope they will become standard.


This is still my old Constrictor model
Yes, do read my first post :)

It's called "open FFED3D thread" just because anyone is allowed to ask exactly such "stupid" questions.

I see and i know that Andy likes to keep his threads clean, it should be bound to topic and i understand this well, as developer he don't likes if material is posted which isn't of interest to him. It distracts and makes it hard to get the relevant stuff out of it.

Here one is allowed to post almost anything as long as it's compliant to the common rules.

"i don't like to counteract"

I like to help to keep his threads clean.

I.e. if i post my models in his thread it's not of use to him he knows me and my work i don't have to show this to him.
New things he will notice also here.

Sort of a brainstorming thread.

It is losely bound to FFED3D, FE2 and FFE is welcome here anything is welcome here. (i will also answer to q's about pioneer which would be otherwise off topic)
GLFE2, GLFFE or whatever is in relation to Elite. Oolite as well even if i have no idea about.

From "my first experience with Elite" to "what causes XY in the game?".

It's of course ment to show off my work, but it would be a little lame of me if that would be the only goal.
The goal is to repeat exactly what you asked "whatfor is it?"

To have a magnet for the off topic things which maybe aren't such off topic.
To have a thread where one could derivate the relevant things by need or if someone hints that.

To post mods or ideas for mods or for the game and not to derange the developing thread.

So no you aren't stupid, at least not like i see things.

If you notice that i.e. Andy and Ittiz debate about something it wouldn't be wise to interrupt that.
Yeah maybe a short comment is alright, but leave the dudes doing their job, this thread is for joking and whatever is on your mind.

I'm just a modeler, i'm widely known for beeing distracting and the most evil off topic poster, exactly because of that i understand how annoying it can be.
I lose topic easy and "komme vom Stöckchen auf's Hölzchen", start with something in a post and end with something complete different sometimes three or four different things in one post and i know that's not good.

I know that it confuses them but i won't get confused i can handle that well.
Things like:
Overwhelming what you have done in the last revision
is certainly welcome
A precise question about something specific which should stand in relation to what they discuss about as well.

But all the rest belongs here.
Like "oh i have this urgent question and i like to have it solved yesterday"

Well i was inspired a little by Vogons advice "how to ask clever", now i'm one who thinks there are no stupid questions only stupid answers but i understand well why it isn't good.

Yes i do read TFM or in this case advice, it is btw a quite entertaining advice to read.
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Also, i peeped right now into "FFED3DAJ_readme.TXT" there is so much which has changed that one can have a hundred questions about.
Better ask this here, not that i fully know what all has changed (yet) but let's figure it out here.

"Ich bin aus dem Häuschen" that wasn't to expect and is a fantastic addition.

Second animation channel? i love that!

Experiences with such belong here i guess, precise questions to the thread(s) Andy maintains.

So i will show off here sooner or later what this means a second animation channel for the models, Andy wouldn't have to know this he wrote it.
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