Open Gun-ports = open for pvp : Pilots federations rule of the duel

After more than 4 years, I got Elite status and flew into Jameson’s memorial station and I wanted to be in open, in my Adder for the occasion to socialize my achievement...... On a Friday night no less, I’m no fooI, I kept an eye on my radar of signs of other players.

I didn’t get attacked, but I did get a tail. However, the chat in the station revolved around a player killing another player and it the aggressor was open and friendly about their decision making process. And after years of listening and playing, I sider with the aggressor. Open means being open to all sorts of player interaction. And I felt hypocritical, as I don’t.
So I decided to formalize a Simple rule of thumb, which that commander tried to use, and I believed in in my naive early days as well.

So spread this around if you agree, to make it an unofficial rule.

OPENED GUN-PORTS = Consent for combat

CLOSED GUN-PORTS = I don’t want to play your game.

So spread this around if you agree, to make it an unofficial rule.
If a player Opens their Gun-ports it means they are a consenting to an open fight.

By Closing gun-ports It means they submit from the fight and it should be respected!!!!!

To be more specific (as there are “grey zones”)
Close all gun ports.
Turn off silent running.
Come to a Full stop.
Power down engines.
Power down weapons.
Power down shields.
Power down FSD.

Turn on report crimes.

By all means take them down to 10% hull but no less, they have submitted!
Help fix their canopy if you got repair limpets,
Just so you know you got them back to base.
(Who said chivalry is dead!)
We can no longer use the thin excuse of Playing in Open is consenting to PvP by the rationale if you didn’t want to be attacked you should play in Solo or in a private group, despite there bring some truth to that, it is not the whole story.

Playing in open is consent to play WITH other players, but in multiple activities such as socializing.
  1. Socializing can’t be done in solo.
  2. But you can socialize in a private group and in open.
  3. But you need to meet people first (in open) to form Is form a Private Group.
  4. Declaring open as pure pvp, Denies people open play to socialize in and form Players vs Environment groups.

Playing in open does not give immediate consent to player AGAINST other players activity

As a player in open, YOU do not get to determine another players motives for how they wanted to play the game.

As a player in open you do not get to force a specific playing-style on another player, that they have not agreed to.

What is PvP consent?
Powerplay alignment: due to its adversarial nature, players automatically consent to player vs player activity. However If a player does not have a powerplay alignment, then pvp consent must be determined by another indicator.

Something that actively supports all game types including nefarious actions such as CG blockades (where in my view ganking is legit, and thargoid cultists that stop rescuing of humans on station etc etc)

Simple indicator. Consent by open Gun-ports.
In elite dangerous, the opening of gun/ports is now to considered a gesture of aggressive intent.

If the other player does not return the opening of their gun-ports, then they don’t want to fight.

If their Weapons are not hot, neither are yours.
“But I only had my gun-ports open as I wanted to scan.”

Sorry, but scanning violates another players ship and therefore we are violating their trust
As we shows hostile intent, think about it:

kill-warrant scanning
Determines if a player has bounties elsewhere, permitting you to attack them.
Manifest scanning
Determine if a player has desirable cargo or passengers that is worth taking and is untrustworthy Behaviour.

Can determine high-wake trajectory for tracking other players.

If your excuse was ‘but I was only material collecting’ - the griefers can take their own advice and they can go collect wake-scan-mats in Solo.

Gun-ports are not full-proof be.
I submit there are grades here.
Especially with play Types.
We can consent by not reporting a crime.
It’s not a crime if a crime is not reported.

If they have “reporting a crime still turn on” clearly then they prefer not to be attacked.

Running and/or rigged for silent running is still playing pvp.
I don’t fight pvp - I run In pvp. But with gunports closed, and report crimes on. But I still consent to play PvP.

My adder can’t take the flack but she can outrun most ships in the galaxy.

So if we’re to really clarify your intent to submit

Kill your velocity and your power.
Close gun ports and come to a full stop, switch off your systems, and effectively kill your ship.

Hopefully, people don’t get jollies shooting an already dead-ship.

This also removes any excuse, that they thought a player was acting dead or faking a submission.

Because you aren’t playing dead, because can’t get your systems back online fast enough to attack back quicker the they could kill you.
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Because open.

Seriously, this has been done to death.

Going to open means everything goes.

You want to be left alone from PvP? Don't log into open.
Exactly this!
I do agree that in open everything goes and that’s why you have to accept that open ALSO includes
  1. Player(s) versus Environment
  2. Socializing with random people in a none-combative manner is ALSO allowed.
  3. Players versus Players
So that is why we need to talk about is a way to separate Players vs Players from Griefers.
Griefers aren’t the only people who want to make use of open, they don’t own Open, so why should we resign them to having it.

I think what makes me laugh the most is that they just can't see how hypocritical they are when telling people off for "forcing" their play style on them and start telling them how they should play in the same sentence.

I'm not a big pvp'er either, but if I go into open then I expect/hope for this type of stuff to happen, it just adds to the fun.
I’m not denying people the way they play, I embrace it and want to legitimatize it!
I play in open, for these varied kinds of interactions myself.
Being in open is the only natural way to meet and socialize with new commanders regardless of interaction.
I'm not advocating a change of gameplay, I'm advocating a change of community culture and spirit by not making excuses for the griefers.

PvP is not Griefing.
There is a subtle difference between roleplaying a nefarious pirate / thargoid cultist / CG blockade / Commander factions etc etc
We want to encourage those interactions because they ARE the spice of life.
But we do want to discourage pure harassment other people trying to play a game.

Griefers dishonour Player VS Player activity.
As people point out actual expert pvp’ers already ask for permission to separate themselves from Griefers.
I bumped into Harry Potter, and I asked for a duel. He asked for me to turn off my "report crimes" and we got to it. ( I got evaporated in the first joust ).
We have people who play as pirates who will take peoples hull-down 10% and then leave them be.

Polite Guideline of the gun-port rule of conduct is not and never will be a deterrent.
I'm fully aware that the griefers who act like rectums and male genitalia will IGNORE this.
In fact, that is a given in my book - and that is the point.

We would, however, make it general knowledge to the community, as a whole, that we applaud PvP in the spirit of role-play / bgs play.
reinforcing that that pvp play-style has its own code of conduct and rules (when it's convenient).

We can not remove the griefers,
but we foster a culture where they can't gleefully hide their douchebaggery by Denying them the expression "it’s open, it’s allowed, as it is pvp"
because Open is for Proper PvP, PvE, Socialising, etc etc which we do consent to, and no one here likes your Douchebaggery (even if it's technically allowed by the game mechanics.)

Gun-ports is just standard common sense, (see Earth-Minbari War, approaching with gun ports open as a gesture of strength just invites trouble).

And if Someone for the forum (who also says in in-game), and other people who read the forum, also promote it in-game.
And famed YouTubers who hang out on the forums ALSO says it, then as a "COMMUNITY", we adopt it the guideline.
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By Closing gun-ports It means they submit from the fight and it should be respected!!!!!

To be more specific (as there are “grey zones”)
Close all gun ports.
Turn off silent running.
Come to a Full stop.
Power down engines.
Power down weapons.
Power down shields.
Power down FSD.
Yaaaaa..... no. This is a pretty great way to die regardless of your inclination towards a PvP fight. Is this idea th OP's silly attempt to get a bunch of easy kills by having naive players close up their weapons and turn off shields? Unlucky for you a small fraction of players reads this forum.

This kind of thing started the Earth Mimbari war.
And the Man Kzin wars. Didn't Joe Haldeman's Forever War start that way too?
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I find these rules very confusing. You see, heated plasma and focused laser-fire are consequences of the sacred will of Tothos. These things spring forth from a deeply spiritual realm of existence, and we commanders are merely mediators in this sacred process. Enlightenment radiates according to the divine principles of Tothos, so that we could reach the inner door shaped by fire and wreckage components.
This would be nice, but do you think the gankers will abide by that? Some of the hardcore PvP players looking for a good fight already ask if you want to play. Gankers never will, because they are looking for salt, not a fair fight. If you want to ask for consent, message the other player, otherwise, open is consent. Of course, you have multiple options, menu log/mode change/blocking, to retract consent. I have no issue with anyone making use of those options. You don't have to stay and play with them if you don't want to.
It sounds too complicated. I have somewhat simpler approach. When I'm flying in open into one of these "hot spots" it means I am consent to fight, otherwise I wouldn't be there. If I want to interact with other people but have no desire to fight, I'm lpaying in open but not going to Founders and such other places. If I don't want any of that at all, I go solo. Crime reporting always ON, unless I'm going to participate in some prearranged activities. Your recommendation "to switch off your systems, and effectively kill your ship hoping that people don’t get jollies shooting an already dead-ship" is rather idealistic and unfortunately I don't think it would work in real life. I've seen enough greifers out there flying in wings and attacking absolutely anything no mater what, including unarmed explorers with nothing of any value on board.
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