OPEN LETTER to the authors of the open letter to FD

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You demand that Frontier allow them to make their private conversation public? Just to make sure I'm on the same page.

I'm being semi-serious of course. :p
He that would keep a secret must keep it secret that he hath a secret to keep.

I'm being semi-skimmed.
@op, please can you also use my full title when mentioning small seismic charges too?

CMDR Kenneth McGrew - The first of his name, King of the seismic charges, the dolphin heat bug and small ships, the rightful king of the entire galaxy from Amundsen's Star to ishums reach and protector of the realm, King of Dolphin rock, King of asteroids, Drogon of the great space seas, the unburnt, and overheating, Breaker of small ship stigmas and father of Cetacean ships galaxy wide, Lord & Emperor of the realm and longer title than Daenerys Stormborn
In the spirit of several (or possibly one ;) ) signatories to the original petition, I would like to sign as:


I feel that if the original 6 who sequentially signed had got the other 1.23 trillion friends from their Borg Collective to also sign, FDev might have taken much more notice :)
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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