OPEN LETTER to the authors of the open letter to FD

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Now this post is mostly a joke...But I have to say, they write an open letter to FDev, and then say they are in private (i.e. closed) discussions with FDev, and won't reveal what's being said...Hmmm, that doesn't sound like they are representing the community at large. Nor does it sound very transparent or communicative.


Edit: Apparently they have revealed some of what was discussed. Now the question is why keep those discussions private in the first place? Because the open letter writers have an inflated sense of self-importance?
They have only revealed what they want to reveal. How do we know what they are saying is the full extent of what was discussed?

How do we know the "representatives" have not sold us commoners out eh?

Some back door shennanigans, get some backhanders, everything cushty, and then release a sanitized joint statement that all is going to be fine.

CMDR Spork would also like to sign this one.

:D S

EDIT: Oops already signed up, Spork2 then!
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Please add me to the list of whatever it is that we are signing now.

His Holiness, Pope Francis*

*There will be some of God’s children who doubt that I am who I say I am, the leader of the Catholic Church. Why would I play a game of spaceships and fantasy? They would say this.

But remember that doubt, too, came to the son of God in his final hours and yet he still understood that his sacrifice of love was also like a petition in itself, a petition to bring the light and love of the father, to the Elite: Dangerous of his time.

And in doing so brought our salvation to the open letter of the Lord.

Pater, et ARX, et Spiritus Sanctus,

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You'll get a reply if you can keep this thread going for 50 pages, otherwise you're not serious and your opinion doesn't matter.
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