Open Recruitment- Small squad looking to found Minor Faction

T'ieni Holdings Int. [TIHI] is a small group of veteran gamers looking to learn the BGS and found our own Minor Faction in a safe, remote sector. Our daily activity ranges from about UTC +2- UTC +10. We are active in Discord and looking to expand our influence in our corner of the Galaxy.

Reply to this thread or submit an in-game application for acceptance.
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I've just joined this small group, and we're looking for more players to join the fun. A good bunch of players, relatively new to game so we're all learning fast.

Our current objectives include completing missions to boost our adopted faction, unlocking Engineers, and grinding some credits to improve our fleet of ships. The group is Federation aligned and based in and around the T'ieni sector currently. Future goals down the line include forming our own minor faction, getting involved in Thargoid fights, and hopefully some long range exploration to see the sights...

If you're looking for a chilled out group to learn the game with, get involved!
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