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Operation: Asteroid Ambush (Event)


Operation: Asteroid Ambush

Operation: Asteroid Ambush is a joint operation roleplaying event between the exotic tribals of the Winged Cobra Tribe (Wicotees), the covert agents of the Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA), and the villains of the Relentless. The Wicotees and the GIA has a secret meeting in an asteroid belt. They want to exchange something very important, but the Relentless know about this meeting, and they ambush the participants, trying to grab all the loot.

Everybody is welcome to join us in this event, choose whichever side you prefer!

Background story

I'm Cmdr Fremen, member of the Relentless. I was in the Morgor Astronavigator's Inn at Romanek's Folly drinking Teveriian Evil Juice (after being chased by the ship Bad Karma... don't even ask), when I've overheard a conversation by "those tribal types over there in the corner, [who are] mostly harmless".

It was about a secret treaty between the Wicotees and an undercover GIA agent sitting in the darkest corner (I couldn't see his face, to tell you the truth). So the treaty was about an exchange of a sacred artifact that the nomads wants to use against a rival tribe, and in return the Tribals will pay the GIA with cannisters containing a special virus that they want to use for their shady businesses.

We need to get all of those cannisters to blackmail them, and later to sell them at the Black Market!

Update! We have decoded a leaked transmission:


The plan

Our vicious plan is the following: we jump in the asteroid belt before they arrive from SuperCruise. We hide behind the asteroids nearby the entry point and wait for them in stealth mode until they arrive. When they have arrived, we abush them and grab the precious cargo or shoot the carriers until they drop the cannisters!


Here's the Relentless plan in details:
  1. Meet at the asteroid field, stay near the entry point (the yellow marker).
  2. Hide with systems shut down behind asteroids (pick a steady one), and wait.
  3. Occasionally attack a ship not to be bored while waiting.
  4. When the GIA and the Tribe arrive, switch on all systems.
  5. Concentrated attack on both parties until they reach 30% hull.
  6. Pick up the goods and flee back to the station in one piece to sell them!

The event is going to take place at Asellus Primus. We are going to get together at Beagle 2, and fly in groups to the nearest asteroid field. The groups will wait for each other in SuperCruise mode, and enter the asteroid field together. The Reletless group arrives first so they can hide, and the GIA + Tribe groups arrive next. Here's a video by Cmdr Musashi of the scene:

All of the Relentless / GIA / Tribe members should communicate on their dedicated Mumble channel ideally (on our server, see details below). I'll be in touch with Cmdr Blatant (head of the GIA) and with Cmdr Old Boar (chief of the Wicotees) on the built-in chat to coordiate the process together.

It's a victory for us if we manage to pick up the cannisters and get away with them. It's a victory for them if they manage to finish the exchange and get away in one piece. We have to finish shooting plus they have to jettison the cargo if they are under 30% hull. After dropping though, they will have to flee. Just like us, if they get the lead somehow.

The details

  • The date is October 25-26 (the last weekend of the Beta 2).
  • Most of the participants will meet at 18:00 GMT and at 20:00 GMT.
  • The event is goint to take place at the closest asteroid field to Beagle 2 at Asellus Primus.
  • We will play this scenario over and over again in the weekend, and count the victories and the defeats.
  • In order to make this work, we will play it in 'Private group' mode.
  • Everyone should join the in-game group 'Fremen' temporarly until the event ends.
  • You can use the stock Sidewinder if you want to go easy on credits (but you don't have to if you have money for insurance).
  • The items to exchange will be something that is very cheap to buy, but we will roleplay as if they are something extremely precious.
  • There are separate channels for the 'Tribals', the 'GIA' agents and the 'Relentless' members on our Mumble voice server now, you can communicate and coordinate your movement there.

Choose your side

If you want to join us in this event, you can pick your side:

Mumble voice chat

Client: Download the Mumble client here
Port: 64739
Pass: villains

If you need help to set it up please send me a message!
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The Eye of the Cobra

Please note that this event is known to the Winged Cobra Tribe as "The Eye of the Cobra".

After all, we do not expect any ambush. :eek:
==== GIA Communication ====

FAO. Old Boar <WiCoT-chiefs>, Active GIA Agents <GIA-agents>

Agents and Ambassadors,

We have detected increased villainous comm's chatter, keyword cross matching : 'eye of cobra', 'winged cobras AND gia', 'cargo exchange', 'ambush', 'asteroid'.

We have not detected any increased presence in the up-coming operational area so we see no reason to change the time delta or remit of the operation. We do however suggest extreme diligence, we can not guarantee your safety or the security of the theatre of operation. Pirate's, villain's and thief's could well be present at the time delta and we can not increase local patrols in case it 'tips our hand' and gives away our plan.

As a precaution we have raised the local alert level to ORANGE : There may be a risk of villainous activity.. We recommend you bring a wingman to watch your six. We are attempting to mobilise GIA operatives in the area however this is proving difficult to do covertly given the clandestine nature of the operation.

yours secretly,

Director Smith <GIA-directors>

==== End Communication ====
Looking forward to the exchange. I think we have a location now (shh, don't tell the Relentless)

We'll need to start meeting up early because of the instancing issues.

It's time for an update:

We were trying to play the event from 18:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT on Saturday (5 hours sessions), and we have played together 30 or 45 minutes. That involves Cmdr Old Boar, Cmdr Blatant and me. Cmdr Musashi was also trying to join us for several hours, along with Cmdr Darius Torkalar and Cmdr Malcolm Washbourne, but the we couldn't make it in one instance at the same time. What a pity!

We have finally managed to play the event from 18:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT on Sunday (4 hours session), and we have played together approximately 2-2,5 hours.

In the first round, I've rammed into Cmdr Old Boar and got killed instantly, and Cmdr Blatant has demolished the cannister of the virus, but Cmdr Old Boar did manage to pick up the Eye of the Cobra. On the second run I would have been killed if Cmdr Blatant didn't stop shooting (I had only 8% hull), and the exchange went well. After that I've tried to shoot them just for fun. In the last round the Eye of the Cobra was lost, but Cmdr Blatant did pick up the container of the lethal virus. I've managed to make him flee though, and then started to attack Cmdr Old Boar. I've stopped shooting at him when he had 9% hull. Cmdr Blatant then came back and killed me. We have agreed to call this a 2:1, because they did have a 1 + (2 * 0.5) success, and I had a (maybe) 1 success. :D

It was fun to play with you guys, and I hope Beta 3 is going to solve most of the networking problems!

Thanks and see you next time! :)
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