Operation Cleanup....

I'll have to check my list but I'll bet I'm missing finds in quite a few sectors. That sounds like a good idea for a future expedition or two.
Nice idea Chiggy. If you do them all in the one trip you'll be setting a very big credits record!

Just finished going through mine and I also have ELWs in all but one region - that one being Temple in my case. So I'm about to head out there to correct that wrong :D. Not sure I can stomach revisiting all of mine to map them though.
Sweet … but you *do* need to get that 974 in the Galactic Centre up to a nice round 1000 !?!

Catch you when you're in the Zunou region :D

Well I'll be damned. Just seen the 2 names under it, never noticed they were both yours! seems the mapping took my name off the discovered tag! LOL

tags are broken, scan it (in a certain sequence) regardless of weather its tagged / mapped and it gets replaced with the new tag

i've overwritten quite a few tags in this fashion and equally had mine overwritten, i've contacted FD directly rather than posting the method on here - hopefully it gets fixed soon.
The "I've first discovered an ELW in every sector of the galaxy" club.
Current members: 1 (soon to be joined by Allitnil).
The most exclusive club in the galaxy.
I wanna join :)
I hope you just weren't paying attention since I could see my Mapped By after I sold the data last week ;)

As I bookmarked each system, I checked each one to make sure no one else had mapped, evidently that's when I seen both our names, and you mapped after that (took me a week to sort em all out). It's tagged like it shoulda been now! *grins*
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