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Greetings Operatives!

Welcome to the first of several Operative Profiles focusing on the main Operatives in Lemnis Gate. In this series we'll be taking you through the weapons, skills and abilities of Lemnis Industries' team of deep space explorers. We'll also be discussing some of the lore and backstory that have guided their lives up to this point. Lemnis Industries' team is made up of highly trained, highly specialized individuals. From soldiers to scientists, they have been brought together by Lemnis Industries to help save humanity from utter extinction.

Today we are introducing the team's no-nonsense leader Roksana Ulvich, a.k.a. Kapitan. This former soldier has seen her share of combat, picking up not only a few battle scars, but also several commendations along the way. She's a dedicated veteran and her years of service have taught her that actions will usually speak louder than words. She is fully dedicated to her mission and to her team, and most comfortable with a gun in her hands and an objective to follow.

While the other operatives can be found indulging in their chosen hobbies during off-hours, Kapitan's main focus is, and always will be, the mission at hand. She'll usually be found engaging in target practice at the shooting range, perfecting her aim, or using Lemnis Industries' top of the line gym to keep herself in peak physical condition. She has little interest in camaraderie, but the team will follow her orders without question as her skills on the battlefield are second to none.

Until popularity contests are decided by war, Roksana's shoot-first approach won't earn her a lot of friendships. She claims to have had a husband once, but it's unclear whether or not they were a person or a gun, leading to a lot of speculation among the staff at Lemnis Industries

Traditional tools of the trade are Kapitan's trademark. Her Auto Rifle fires high velocity rounds in bursts and can be a great deterrent when engaging with a foe, whether you hit your target or not. There's always another bullet where the first came from. Her frag grenades are excellent against groups of enemies, potentially taking out several combatants with a single blast. Just be careful you don't hit your past and future selves in the process!


From a tactical standpoint, Kapitan is the team's all-rounder. She can be employed early in a match to quickly capture a point, or to provide some misdirection while you consider your long-term battle strategy. She can also be an excellent damage dealer in the middle of a match, picking off enemies quickly and efficiently with headshots and accurately thrown grenades. Similarly, employing Kapitan at the end of a battle can help you seize victory from your opponents by interrupting their plays and disrupting their strategies.

Whenever you decide to employ Kapitan, we believe she will be a valuable asset in any battle as you use her skills, weapons and abilities to their full extent.

We hope you've enjoyed this introduction of Kapitan. There is a wide variety of Operatives to play as in Lemnis Gate, and it's important to choose the right person for the right situation. We will continue introducing you to the rest of the game's Operatives in the coming months, so stay tuned to our social channels for any and all updates. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, or join our Discord server to chat with the community and get exclusive reveals. Finally, don't forget to add Lemnis Gate to your wishlist on Steam or the PlayStation Store.

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