Optimum Settings for Valve Index?

Once again trying to figure out the best balance with a new HMD. Running a 1080TI with a 8700k. 120hz is beautiful in game but naturally destroys my SS value. Curious to know what refresh rate and SS people are settling on.
Finally got round to loading Elite back onto my machine last night to try out, but, need to do my bindings first etc, so gonna report back later with my findings. What i have found though is setting SteamVR SS to 100% is giving me the clearest visuals in most games i'm trying, unless they're old or seemingly rendering at a lower resolution for the older HMDs. And yeah, also 120hz seems to be pushing my 1080ti/9900K rig too much for intensive games like this. It seems to be right on the limit, so i'm thinking 90hz for Elite and then trying to get it as clear and smooth as possible.
Any joy? I have index also with 2080ti, I'm trying to find the optional settings

I can do ingame 1 SS and 1.5 HMD, but reprojection keeps kicking in. It looks like steam has different reprojection settings now, you can no longer turn off interleaver reprojection.

Playing with steam SS and leaving in game alone, it looks like I maybe able to get more SS performance, it looks like at first glance I use less GPU and CPU power doing it through steam.
I'm at base steam video SS 150, and application SS 140

I'm still playing, how about you...

Are you aiming to run with or without reprojection kicking in. Reason for asking I see ghosting when it kicks in especially in combat zones
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