Orbis/Ocellus/Coriolis Pad Location Voice Attack Profile

Using the image at the bottom of this post I have created a Voice Attack profile that is 4 commands, that you repeat the pad number and it will tell you where the pad location is in an "O'clock" format because the interior of the stations have 12 sides and also distance from the docking slot.

The two commands are:

Pad <number> or Pad Right <number>
Pad Left <number>

Version one of this profile was 45 separate commands, which were all oriented in a way so you had to make sure the green light was on the right side when entering.
This version, MK2, will give you the location as if the green light is on the right as the default, but if the prefix for the pad number includes the word "left" reverses all the pad O'clock locations for the reversed orientation.
(eg. 12 O'clock becomes six, and six becomes 12)

I created these commands because I play with the Oculus Rift, so am somewhat lacking in the ability to throw the below image onto another screen for quick reference. I also primarily fly an Imperial Courier which even with a VA command to quickly ask for docking permission, at 7.5km, it is already closing on 3-4km by the time the pad number shows up so I need something to help speed up the rate the location info could get to me and plan my approach. Because I stream regularly, after seeing my first version of this, several people were asking for it, but I was not happy with the bloated several command version that was the MK1so I created the MK2 with only four commands and includes different replies if the green light is on the left side.

I have a copy in my dropbox at the time of this post that can be download from:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j8b88ddpey4wmf/Pad Numbers MK2-Profile.vap?dl=0

I have also created a permanent download link hosted on another site if the above link stops working:

http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/607195/Pad Numbers MK2-Profile.vap

The profile uses the Voice Attack Text-To-Speech ability and will respond in this manner:

CMDR: Pad 18
VA: Ten O'clock Far

CMDR: Pad Left 18
VA: Four O'clock Far

CMDR: Pad 42
VA: Five O'clock Immediate


very cool , always dock with green on starboard .. so getting use to layout.. BUT sometimes forget, so this will be handy
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If someone could convince Verity Croft to do a tiny bit more VA work so that these could be spoken in the same voice as the ship's computer, I would absolutely throw money at them for the finished product.
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I happened to see your Twitch stream where you were testing this, not sure if that was the only time or not, it was maybe a week ago.

Not to steal your thunder in any way but do you use EDDI with VA? If not it's fantastic, especially for a VR player as it adds a number of very slick things. Two of my favorites are pad location (like here but it tells you without you needed to provide the pad number) and if you're leaving a station with a limpet controller on board (hatch breaker, collection, fuel, prospecting) it will remind you "you have a limpet controller but no limpets on board". That's saved me multiple times as I always forget to grab limpets as the regular restock doesn't get them.

I've also been using a plugin/scripts to help find coordinates on a planet, which I suck at. You tell it your X/Y location and the X/Y you're heading to and it'll tell you what heading to take to get there.

Very nice work on this BTW, I'm sure many of us will benefit from it.

This is brilliant. I've just added it to my VA profile and it works wonders for docking. No more hunting for that pad. Thank you for your work.
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