Horizons Orbital Cruise keeping angle at the horizon.

It would be nice if the ship gives a slight auto correction to keep the nose of the ship pointed towards the horizon when in OC (staying on "0"). Wouldn't want this interfering with steep angels so only have it activate around the blue section of the hud. It should be like the auto level when hovering, hardly intrusive at all unless you stop using all controls pretty much.

Just a small QoL thing that would put the "orbit" in orbital cruise :T
Yeah would be great. That way we could admire the planets without worrying about dropping out of OC.
I posted the same request here.

Really wish this would be implemented. Orbits are such a massive part of space mechanics.

Edit - on one orbit I'm sure the throttle was controlling the angle, with zero throttle dropping the nose and full throttle raising it - I had hoped this was some built in mechanism to adjust the speed to match orbit with the planet, but playing around with this since, all I get is the nose comes up (faster with higher throttle) and the ship comes out of orbit (basicaly flying in a straight line I suppose) which is a shame. Please FD implement some kind of orbit mechanic.
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