Ordo Corona Stellarum is seeking recruits.

Who is Ordo Corona Stellarum?
The Order emerged to serve a galaxy in disorder at the head of the year 3306. Ordo Corona Stellarum (The Order of the Crown of Stars) is dedicated to upholding the flourishing of humanity in our galaxy. Our efforts, few though they may be at present, are given over to seeing the economy and security flourish. The stars are a hazardous place to pioneer. Fly confidently knowing that the Order is out there seeking to serve.

Ordo Corona Stellarum always has room for more pilots. Skill doesn't matter; principle does. Skill can be taught. If you think you are cut out to further the mandate of the Order, apply with us. The Order is young, and as such, it is easier to make your mark and have your influence. We are casual, and welcome pilots of all availabilities. Our Order is presently most active on the Western Hemisphere timezone, but have members in the Eastern Hemisphere as well. We play around with RP, but it's not a requirement to join us.

What We Do
Ordo Corona Stellarum places the crown of stars upon the head of humanity's noblest efforts through the promotion of human growth via trade and mining, enhancing security via bounty hunting and anti-xeno counter-attacks, and the expansion of civilization via exploration and settlement. Recent incursions by the Thargoids have our pilots outfitting themselves to hold the line, rescue those under threat, and partnering with Operation Ida in returning them home.

We are a relaxed group of casuals who work, have families and responsibilities, and play to have fun. We're eager to help you enjoy your game more when you play with us. We have developed a robust resource-base, and plan semi-regular squadron events. Our code and our organization will give you more of a picture of who we are; feel free to pop into our Discord server to say hey and get to know us better. If you share similar values but have your own established squadron, drop into our embassy on Discord, request the ambassador role, and we can discuss partnering for joint initiatives.

Our Code
1. Serve family and obligations first, your highest duty.
2. Honour is vital in all you do. We serve the noble way.
3. Champion the cause of the weak; we do not grief other pilots.
4. Retreat by high or low waking where necessary; absolutely no combat logging.
5. Support the cause of the Ordo Corona Stellarum in open play when possible.
6. Abide by the law of the land you are in; establish law where you find lawlessness.
7. Uphold the dignity of all and seek the flourishing of the systems you travel through.

Dignity - Dominion - Prosperity

Our Organization

Our pilots are organized through five divisions, each a specialty unto its own:
1. The Hospitallerium - (Relief Response) - Service through material aid, crisis relief, and search and rescue
2. The Emporium - (Trade) - Service through value-producing commerce
3. The Praesidium - (Security) - Service through eliminating critical threats and lawlessness
4. The Quaesitorium - (Research-Exploration) - Service through mentoring and discovery
5. The Korlastorium - (Mining) - Service through extraction and industrial ventures

Connect With Us

1. Connect with us through our [OCSN Discord Server]
2. *Apply with us on [our squadron page] on Inara.cz

*This is optional, but appreciated.

- From the desk of Fleet Commander Nirakoji Nudraakan
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