Elite / Frontier Original BBC B Elite

Maybe you can help me out? I have just un-dusted an old BBC B+, changed the compasitors and upgraded the machine with a Datacentre 5.1.
Its great!
Back in 80's/90's I played the original Elite ( it was and still is the best game ever ) and I still have that original disk from back then. I had a fully Equipped ship, deadly status and loved playing the game.
Shame my saved commander disk from back then now gives a Disk fault and I have to start from the beginning...

I was wandering if you could give me any tips on trading...I remember reading a trading scheme in the Acorn user, or was it Micro user that involved 3 planets...Buying from one, selling to the other and so on, repeating the process...

My last data log in 1992 shows I was visiting 3 planets..Ansoreat, Telaan and Reveabe, but cannot think of what I was trading anymore..
Can you give me a few pointers to get back on-track...I am gutted my Commander disk from back then does not load.

kind regards,

Rick Warren.
Sorry it's been decades since i played thru properly, about the only tips i recall are to horde precious metals and gemstones in the cabin, and obviously, keep an eye out for cheap narcs and slaves..

Might give it a reboot in Beebem soon, i still have my old Master but no space to set it up. Sucks about your save disc, can't imagine what state mine are in after all these years! Made up an old P2 a few years back to backup my old Amiga floppies to 3.5" PC floppies and from there to HDD for use in WinUAE, but would love to be able to do the same with the Beeb stuff.. never seen a simple way to hook up the old 5.25" drives to PC tho..

As for trade routes, just find your own golden circles, that's half the fun! Me, i bought a galactic hyperdrive first thing, then checked every system from galaxy 2 back back round to galaxy 1, finishing off with the hand-coded missions.. i generally seem to recall that the most lucrative runs only remain reliable for so long before eventually drying up anyway... just keep it slow and steady, selling agricultural produce to tech worlds and vice versa, put spare cash into gold and gems etc. for the occasional bargain bonanza, and re-read those old Mad Hatter columns wondering if any of them readers' letters claiming to have seen generation ships and space dredgers in galaxy 3 might be for real..
Buy tech stuff at Rich Industrial (Computers) sell at Poor Agricultural, buy Food and textiles, sell at Rich Industrial....
Was Elite on BBC B Disk version:) Even got a badge from Acorn for it!
Why didn't we have all this tech 30 years ago? I actually think I appreciate more. I think 8bit could have had better graphics or mayb eit should have been 16bit.

Is ED so bad you have had to revert to original elite? I actually imagined it as a multiplayer all the elements existed just in separate game. I basically invented the concept of meta gaming. Where different individual games contributed to a over aching meta game. The Eagle comic actually featured a story to that effect long before Ready Player one.

Elite dangerous planet coaster and JP could all interact .

Elite on Archimedes is supposed to be pretty cool.

I used to be sent Electron games to review. The Electron version of Elite had no and no sun making docking orientation even harder. The modified version has some coo touches.

Also have you considered therapy if you still consider it the game ever!! Have you seen text elite?

remember these guys?

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