Our Livestreams!

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hi coaster friends!

We've missed you! It's been a few weeks since we were able to do the streams and everything has been incredibly busy, but we've finally moved offices and your stream team is settled in and ready to go:

We're really excited to start our regular schedule again, so here it is for future reference - we'll of course let you know if anything changes!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 12PM BST - 1PM BST

Wednesday from 7PM BST - 8PM BST

Tonight Will and I will be going through the winners of the Studios Stunt Show competition - we hope to see you all there!



Volunteer Moderator
Yay, thanks for sharing the livestream announcement here, Bo. I know that this is appreciated by members who'd like the livestreams to be announced on the forums. :)
Glad you see you guys are back up and running. You have been missed. This is the first place I check to see if there will or will not be a livestream so as Joel says please keep using the forum for any update information. Sorry Bo, I will not be able to watch the livestream today but will definitely watch it later. If you get a chance say hi to everyone from Tillietwos :)


Volunteer Moderator
Like Bo said; you can expect livestreams to take place as mentioned in the schedule in Bo’s post. Bo will probably not post these announcements each week, unless something changes or in case there’s a special livestream coming up.

Tip: you can enable notifications for both YouTube and Twitch channels, so that you can get a ping when a stream goes live. This notification can be enabled when visiting the YouTube or Twitch channel using a web browser or through the channel settings on the mobile apps of YouTube and Twitch.
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