OUT NOW: Sagittarius Eye Issue #16 (Get your copy today!)

Hitting newsstands around the Galaxy with enough time to enjoy a good read before the holidays, it’s the sixteenth issue of Sagittarius Eye!



In issue 16, we dive into the complex web of Galactic powers, talk with the Independent Defense Agency and how they aim to make the Galaxy a better place,
shine some light on some heroes out in the black, crack open the tourist guide, look into the Formidine Rift mystery and the Dynasty Expedition,
explore what it takes to make a long journey in the black, burn space dust in the Mamba, and much more.

In this issue we are trying out something new: a crossword!
If you’re able to complete it and submit your answers before our January issue releases on Thursday 17th, you’ll have a chance at winning a rare Krait Mk. II paint job.

Got a scoop or event?

We’re looking for news and events from around the Galaxy to write articles on or produce a Bulletin with.
If you have any leads for news or events, send in a submission via our website.

We are looking for…

Video Editors
Artists (3D, 2D and character)
Writers for both magazine articles and Bulletins

If you think you have what it takes, visit our Join Us page where you’ll find a link to our working Discord server.
Please note that we are a fandom group with no paid positions.

Bulletin Service

The Sagittarius Eye Bulletin Service released its 100th Bulletin on Tuesday, November 20th. If you’d like to stay informed about what's happening around the Galaxy, please consider subscribing.
There are also other more entertaining videos we release as specials, with one currently in production that is sure to give a good chuckle.


Would you like to have a pet featured in our Co-Pawlots feature?
If so, we encourage you to send in a submission via our website or send us an email with all the details of your furry or not-so-furry companion.

Audio Edition

Issue 16 of the Sagittarius Eye Audio Edition has been released on our SoundCloud. Check it out!

Sagittarius Eye News Bot

The Sagittarius Eye Discord notification bot in spreading across the Elite Discord community servers. If you’d like to stay up-to-date on news and events from around the Galaxy, visit our bot install page.


If you would like to support us, we have a Patreon that offers various rewards to supporters. All funds raised go towards paying our operating costs. Even $1 helps and it would get your name in the magazine!

Our next issue will be released on Thursday, January 17th. Until then, fly safe and remember to have a safe and happy holiday season!

Craig Uchuu
On behalf of the Sagittarius Eye team

Time to go into an egg nog and cookie coma…​
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FDEV already have enough issues with this update, are you sure it's wise to create more?

On a more serious note, good work, will read it shortly.
PCA is really honored to be featured in the "Game of Powers" article. It means a lot, and this piece exceeds my expectations for balance, thoughtfulness, and quality of writing. Thank you for spending some time and attention on the Powerplay community. The dedicated CMDRs across our 11 powers deserve to have their voices heard.
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