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Does make we wonder how quite so many of us manage to run out of fuel tho' …
Well... on my original character, Flossy, I was an alpha backer and started in an explorer build Cobra III, so never had any issues with fuel. Of course, at first nobody needed fuel and all our ships flew automagically without it. Then, at some point - can't remember exactly when - fuel was introduced and we had to start buying it. For a long time, buying a fuel scoop never entered my head as I never really went far and always managed to refuel at a station. Then, I think it might have been a Hutton 'convoy' event where a fuel scoop was advised. I'd never scooped fuel before and was extremely nervous about how to approach a star in order to do so. I think this may have contributed to my two crashes into a star on that event which unfortunately leaves me forever being reminded, especially in The Hutton Truckers Song which contains the line "Flossy always seems to fly into the sun"!

Anyway, after a while I created a second account (Flossy2), having given up waiting for multiple commanders on my alpha backer account - and of course started in a basic sidewinder. Until then, fuel had never been a worry but I was alarmed to notice how quickly the smaller tank emptied and that the fuel bar was a dotted rather then solid line. I did try to keep an eye on fuel consumption, but one day I was paying too much attention to finding my way somewhere with the limited jump range - and suddenly realised I was almost out of fuel! I had heard of The Fuel Rats by then and with great trepidation looked up how to call them. I felt I should have known better but I was simply not used to such a small ship LOL.

Within minutes help arrived with a bang as my rat dropped out of SC and started firing at me! At first I panicked that I'd fallen into some kind of trap.... but then seeing the fuel received message appear I let out a huge sigh of relief. After all, I'd been asked to relog into Open play which I was not used to, so was extremely nervous to start with!

That was my one and only time I ran out of fuel - though I have come close once or twice since then! Now more experienced, I was venturing further afield and still trying to get used to scooping fuel safely.... never quite sure if I should scoop after every jump or wait until the fuel was very low and fill up in one go. If I'd realised then how much difference a large scoop made I'd have bought one sooner I think. I became used to checking ahead for what looked like scoopable stars - still not knowing anything about filtering them - and sometimes got caught out by T Tauris, wondering why no fuel was being scooped and at the sime time why was I getting so hot? :D

More recently I started using Neutron stars and for the first time in years my tank was getting low with every jump; before getting critcally low I'd nervously check the galaxy map (with filters now always turned ON!) to find a scoopable star to jump to with my next boost before rejoining the highway. Up to now I've travelled thousands of LYs without any fuel mishaps, but I can quite see how easy it would be to get distracted by shinies or not pay attention due to watching youtube and suddenly find yourself stranded.

So, whether just starting out in a Sidewinder, or exploring the galaxy in a bigger ship and being more experienced, it can be very easy to end up out of fuel. :)
Hello Fuel Rats, I'm here on behalf the Distant Radio Team and we would love to have a Fuel Rats advertisement running on our radio during the DWE2 expedition (and maybe beyond that), so I'm asking if anyone of you guys would be up for creating one for us?
best would be as a video that also works as audio-only so we can use it in our livestreams aswell. For more Information, visit our forum thread:
If you want more details, you can contact me or ThatMykl here on the forum or on Fleetcomm discord :)
What's happening with Fuel Rats squadrons?

Just I searched and found one for PS4, applied to join, and... nothing... It's still only got one member, and that user name "Arathenes" doesn't seem to exist in the leaderboard.
Anyone recognise them, or have we been domain name-squatted?

On PC sent one to Orange during the beta, and I can't send another in the live version, so not sure what's happening there either.
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On PC I saw two Squadrons, one by Orange Sheets and one by another (won't name), surely a name-squatter. I had a Chat with Orange about the Squadrons and for console we don't have a PS4 one yet (as far as I know).
We do have a PS4 squadron, led by Absolver.

We are only today starting to accept members in due to getting systems up and running. We have process. Pls join irc and see what's up.
I have a technical question for the Rats. I signed in to Ratchat and asked but didn't get much of a response.

The question: Can a ship be refueled as it's being recalled/dismissed from a planet's surface. I think that it is unlikely during dismiss as the ship moves pretty fast and a limpet might not keep up. But I figured I'd ask the experts.
…Can a ship be refueled as it's being recalled/dismissed from a planet's surface[?]…
My gut says no, but since ships take a little time to find the flat spot and actually land, a class A controller may be able to do it.

Not on takeoff, though, dismissal is pretty fast.

We probably wouldn’t use such a maneuver as any ship that can dismiss can get into space where things are much safer for everybody.

But you know what? Grab a friend and try it yourself! Then you can tell us and you’ll be the expert!
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