Out of Fuel? - Explorer Rescue Service, The Fuel Rats

Happy 3305 rats! :cool:

Also I just realised I can be in the "1-jump club" now, with all the new modules and stuff, and don't need a conda to do so :D

Here on the east coast of the USA (I live in the mountains in Pennsylvania) we have this big arctic freeze bearing down on us. I have a long dirt driveway that's covered in snow and ice, and the company that sells me oil for my furnace says their driver is unwilling to attempt my driveway in the fueler truck.

None of that would matter, except that I am on 1/10 of a tank and that won't keep my house warm for more than 3 days. I can't let my house freeze since the heat is cast-iron radiators/water pipe and freezing will blow the pipes in the walls apart. So, I've had to rig up a hose to a funnel into the fuel tank and I went and bought 5 5-gal jerricans and I'm running diesel from the gas station in the back of my truck.

Once a Fuel Rat, always a Fuel Rat

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How in heckin' are you managing to get 252LY jumps, exactly!?
I have mods and Guardian FSDs and allsorts, but I top out at like 60!
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