Out of Fuel? - Explorer Rescue Service, The Fuel Rats

All kidding aside I think Elite Dangerous is unique in creating a situation where you can't do it your self. Other MMORPG groups suffer because they can't offer a service that players can't perform themselves. These groups never gain traction.
Running out of fuel has real in game consequences. Fdev played a blinder. Joining in Jan 3302 it was heavily stressed to me the importance of giving the client the best service we could. That message has carried on down the years and I think that is why we get the calls. I have met so many great clients and learned so much about the game talking to all of you.
You can go on our web site and press the chat option to hang out and swap space shanties too.
Ah and today got a dozen done!

Was pretty regular gig. Client came in, disconnected and while I was waiting about in the target system, they came back and bit by bit got the necessities done and I was able to fire them precious limpets.

Flew the trusty old Cobra Mk3 ratter (bought from Lave back in 3300). Client was in Viper Mk3 and didn't know about the dotted line before the rescue. Continued on happily with their size 1 scoop to the next bounty hunting tour.
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So this went down last Thursday!
(And for the record: I still haven't ran out of fuel. Never gonna damsel without being really truly stranded!)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtrVbGho79Y
Saw it yesterday ... nice job! That code red was particularly nicely judged I thought. I did spend half the time wondering if Paige was going to jump to the client's system or simply attempt to supercruise there! 😂 I also liked how literally she took the instruction to not point at the client. All this caution ... I miss the good old days when we'd come swooping in, boost in a big FA off arc around the client's ship, let off a cloud of chaff in their windcsreen while texting "woo hoo, the fuel rats have arrived baby!" and yes ... ok ... sometimes ... crash into them! It really only was once or twice tho (three or four tops).
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