Out of Fuel? - Explorer Rescue Service, The Fuel Rats

Silent in here!
Anyway, I finally managed to become Elite in Elite :)
... and hopefully I'll be able to Rat again soon, my Rattalooga needs a good brush-the-dust-off ^,^/
Bravo sir! I have to confess it's probably now been years since I was last active as a Fuel Rat (is there a way to get at our personal log of Fuel Rats rescues so I can find out?). How time flies!
I still rat from time to time. I hit 400 first limpets end of 2017, and only done 40 since then.
Need to get on and do some more Buckyballing though, just find it hard to get the time to plan, and then do say 3 runs in a session to see decent improvements.

Cmdr Kahless joined up about a month ago to research for this awesome piece!
Watched it all, very extensive, nice job.
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