Out of Fuel? - Explorer Rescue Service, The Fuel Rats

BTW, Rats,m I dug out the 40,000 rescues Rattatoon "R Cat Content" ... unbelieveable that we are now crossing 100,000 ...
Rattatoon background: Read more at The Fuel Rats Artist Collective
You think that's bad! These seem like antiques now ..


(mint condition, one careful owner, will trade for 10 billion credits)
I should be able to get a "How to become a Fuel Rat" video out soon.
@rex1973 our Rescue footage finally gets some love there, and your Golden Damsel shines in it's perfect (drunken?) limpet dance. And of course the TFP vistas ...

Might be a bit redundant, considering the masses of Fuel Rat videos out there, but I just couldn't stop myself ... :)

Oh and since we are at it, I finally had the leasure to paint the Rat plaque from Surly. Stage one, so not perfect (it probably never will be, but that's a Rat's way) ...
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Mechasqueak is a TV star!!!
I spotted our beloved Rat Mech when it went out to become a TV star in Swedish television! In fact, Mecha is now starring as a robotic monster in the Swedish steampunk child show "Labyrint" (source). Who would have expected Mecha is spending it's holidays (holidays??) like that?
Well WOW!

Addendum: I just re-printed my "Dispatch Rescue Operations Notepad" from 3303 to prepare for some future spatching ... laminated so that it can be cleaned and used for many rescues. Dispatch board takes care of notekeeping nowadays, but for those who like to track their active rescues by hand, it might be comfortable.
Download the edible editable PDF here.
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Oh I was at Lavecon 2017 (as it says on the TBYF certificate) wish I'd seen everyone then, but it was before I joined. I could have even 'tried before I [flew]' too! Also... that plaque... I erm aquired one from Cmdr Splendour (the docking darts guy) who had it passed to him at the end of a Lavecon... might have been the same one. When I saw it at another convention (Fantasticon maybe?), my eyes must have lit up because he handed it over to me! :love: LOL I hung it around my neck for the rest of the weekend - but it was a bit heavy! :)

I still have the towel you sent me with my Epic Rescue certificate too.
Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/fNsSzZa
Very cool, Flossy!
I now finished the "How to join the Fuel Rats"-video after checking with fellow Ov and Rat veterans, and adjusting it according to their suggestions (I hope). If you like it, you are most welcome to share, since views show best whether the effort was worth it ô">
Here we go!
I just wanted to give you guys a Huge shout out and thank you!! Used your amazing service for the first time today and not only was it very easy to use, but CMDR Grayfox2k7 was very helpful and even after the refuel he stuck around and gave me extremely helpful tips and advice! You guys totally rock and I was happy to give you guys a $20 donation. :D please keep up the excellent work you do! CMDR Pluvius420 out.
Just FYI,
the 100,000th Rescue Poster Contest, in preparation for that great event, has now winners!
And the complete ranking is also public now. Here we go

Special thanks to the board members for their effort in choosing between the 13 submissions:
@Surly_Badger, founder of the Fuel Rats; @TartanDragon , Rat Tales Storyteller; @Flossy , not unknown in these forums and other games; @Florenus , winner of the last Rat Art contest in 3304; @Alec Turner, one of the extremely active event organizers / news handlers in these forums; @Orange Sheets, a real Rat veteran.
227 Rescues to go! We should hit the 100k in the next days, Rats!

Aaaand one more thing:
I spoke with Father Cool (he made our famous Fuel Rats logo roundel) and he considers to do a batch of 100k Rat Caps if there are enough Rats interested to get one, more on that later ...
42 Rescues to go! Tonight will be THE NIGHT RATS!
Typical for me, I am not home just this evening (about once a month at,m that this happens, and JUST NOW ... rrah)
All Rats, could anyone please take a screenshort of Rat Stats when we are EXACTLY at 100k?
A stream would also be awesome, though not public (data protection stuff to be cleared first ...)
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