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Hello! Do the fuel rats have a squadron or is it just a community of pilots? I want to join you, but I do not know English very well, not so well that I can chat without any problems. Wouldn't that be a problem?

Someone posted a very fitting song for the rats:
Short question:

Im hanging out in Ceos atm farming like a baller für Federall Rank and Spacebucks. I noticed during my downtime that they actualy sell the Corvette here and now my Brain forces me with a gun to the head to get a Corvette back from there. I just want to make sure im planning my route back right and beforehand:

Next Class 7 Fuelscoop is like 100ly away so the way back will start in Almagest from the Sirius Reach, i will have to double check where i can A-Grade the FSD on the way, blueprint is pinned and enough Mats for full grade 3 are provided (dont think it will be enough jumprange tho). To get better range i more than likely will fly without shields and D-Rate as much as posibru. Route-planner will be set on KGBFOAM, i should be save here (i hope).

Anything im missing in my planning? After watching nearly all schooling videos from and with the fuelrats i realy want to try and not run out of fuel within my first year of elite, so if im not thinking about something right now (which more than likely is posibru) please let me know
Rats, we are featured in Frontier's latest "Walk through the Station" tour :D Rat product placement!


Short question: ... Anything im missing in my planning?

Sounds good. Just watch the brown line, and refuel at the next star at hand before you reach the part where it becomes dotted ... otherwise, you know whom to call ^o">
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Whats people's thoughts on the Fuel Rats operating in other games?

With the, err... current events going on, and Elite cmdrs branching out, it could be a good time to consider the future. Some games may come around which are multiplayer and have mechanics which support a refuel/repair type profession, and of course ED will get switched off at some point.

I see that an "org" has already made in Star Citizen for us: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FUELRATS
And they've teased refuel and repair with a few ships: the Vulcan, Starfarer and Polaris(?), with the first probably being most applicable to current rescues:

Source: https://youtu.be/4HjLDqGElgo?t=32

I've already done two rescues, more along the supplementary lines we've done before. One was a cmdr/captain stranded on a planet, ship destroyed; the other a player physically stuck between two pipes in a hostile space station, so i came along in my little Aurora and gave him a nudge which freed him to EVA away.
But all this got me wondering about our plans.

Also Clapton or @Absolver if i could get an invite into the SC org please?

EDIT: getting my rescue on! :cool:


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