Outfitting Idea to Add More Module Space - Module Racks

There are a lot of small sized modules and more are on there way by the sounds of it in Beyond Chapter 4. I'm talking about the scanners and limpet systems. It's a shame to imagine a size 1 scanner taking up a whole size 3 or 4 slot especially when you can get 16 tonnes in the same space.

I've had the idea where there is a new module type (called module racks?) which splits a module slot into smaller slots. For example with a size 3 module rack you could fit a size 2 and a 1 or three size 1s. Think of them as modules with racking or shelving. There should be a down side, maybe the module takes up room and therefore you can only fit two size 1s in a size 3 module rack. Also, you wouldn't have a module rack for every module size and you can't stack them. The module rack would be displayed on the outfitting screen much the same way as the SRV bay and SLF hangers.

What do you think?
Well done. You've come up with a suggestion that hasn't been proffered for at least two days. You join a long line of forumites who have suggested variations on this on roughly a weekly basis.
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