Outfitting Profiles

It would be really great if we could create outfitting profiles and have our ship change all modules at once, only if the required modules are in storage.

It would make switching between combat, exploration or any other build much easier.
I outfit a ship for combat and once I'm done I create a profile and name it "combat" which stores all the modules. When I want to go exploring I switch to another profile made for exploration.

Another suggestion would be to add an optional percentage display for shields on the hud, to better judge how much shield you have left.

o7 and stay safe
I love the outfitting idea. You can do it for your avatar, why not the ship which would be much more useful considering the modular nature and need to specialize for each role.

I made a similar suggestion for ship outfitting previously, and I'm pretty sure there are several others out here on the forums. It's one of those things I'm surprised hasn't been implemented yet, but would make total sense from a gameplay perspective...
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