Outpost Antenna Audio

I noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it solely on not expecting us to need third party tools to find anything but after the Spectrogram audio analysis of the thargoid device I think its safe to say its not a stretch thinking we might want to look into these audios, with that being said I went to 3 different outposts and managed to get this now I have the slightest idea if it means anything but it looked interesting was wondering if anyone else has anything to share related to this or possibly theories.

You can grab my original audio files here along with an Audacity project I made for it
Sorry, I missed the smiley face off my last post.

On a more serious note, though, I'm pretty sure that there's an area of the forums where things like this are discussed - you're likely to get better feedback there. I'll go and check... The Explorers section is probably the best place to start.
No worries thanks though I'll go ask around over there!
The first sample is a spring reverb in a cabinet, with a delay. Someone is kicking the cabinet or whacking the spring. I used to get this exact sound/tone out of a Reverb Deluxe. For reference, The Doors used the exact same gimmick on Riders In The Storm. It also sounds like the delay might be elongating and shortening the time to evoke howling and bellowing (feedback).

Second sample is essentially the same thing and features external engine noises and what seems to be mechanical sounds of a station or outpost. Also, a guitar or bass with some feedback and a divebomb.

The third sample is essentially the same thing with external engine noises of a human craft. Also, there seems to be a hint of alien audio samples - reminds me of shortly before a scout blows up.

Based on these audio clips alone, it seems like there is a narrative...
Interesting, I know some ships did pollute the audio of the second and third samples but the third one like you said there is some strange audio almost alien like! I do plan on visiting more stations/outposts down the line to see if they all share the same or similar audio
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