Hey guys I asked this question over in Dangerous Discussion but I was told I may have better luck over here! This was my question if anyone can answer it.

Noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it solely on not expecting us to need third party tools to find anything but after the Spectrogram audio analysis of the thargoid device I think its safe to say its not a stretch thinking we might want to look into these audios, with that being said I went to 3 different outposts and managed to get this now I have the slightest idea if it means anything but it looked interesting was wondering if anyone else has anything to share related to this or possibly theories.


You can grab my original audio files here along with an Audacity project I made for it
Interesting approach, commander. Looking at just the top line there are 18 sound returns with 16 of them 'unique'. It'll take a bigger brain than mine, however, to dig any deeper than that. Good luck, and kudos on thinking out-of-the-box.
Kinda looks like badly drawn letters. Cannot read anything out of it though. Can we see what's behind the bottom blur?
I've tried to record it several different times with different settings but in the end that bottom blur always is there, if it wasn't though I would have a much clearer picture of whats what.
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