Over Shoulder Restraints on Infinite coaster and Vertical Lift Hill

Before I start, please look at this thread here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/infinity-coaster-typhoon-infinite-issues.508939/ because that has most of what I want to talk about.

But I also just wanted to add that the Infinite Coaster Car should also have a over shoulder restraint option // variation just like the Smiler. Here's a picture of what I mean:

Also, as said in the linked threat, I think there should be an option for a drop after a vertical lift hill that hasn't got a beyond vertical drop, Again, Like the smiler.
There are quite a lot of threads and voices who are asking for the option to add a non vertical or beyond vertical drop on the Infinite.
The OTSR...well, I think that the Smiler is the only model of its kind with OTSR. Every following installation was equipped with lap-bars.

There is another "big" mistake with the Infinite trains: They´re not infinite at all!. Every row of seats should have full articulation! The game just pairs two zero-cars that creates a very unrealistic, clunky appearance when the trains manouver transitions. They even clip into each other on winding track sections.
I completely agree with you, they aren't infinite at all, I just think with each DLC, planet coaster's physics is getting less and less realistic at this point from my point of view. The only updates that would make me use the game more would be to add OSTR to Infinite coasters, a non beyond vertical drop variation of the typhoon and for each row to have their own articulation.
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