Roller Coasters ozlris B&M Inverted - Recreation

ozlris B&M Inverted - Recreation POV rel

[big grin]he guys, today ill try something new, now with the coming of 2.3 update and the removal of the 90 degree limit.

I present you guys with the layout shots of ozlris​

Some area's need tweaking still, but the basic layout is there.

Next there is theming to do in same style so that would be challenging

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Update on the ozlris Coaster, Station far from done something will angling balkonys

Hope i can record the onride in before the weekend
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Wow! Nice work ! [up][up]
Thanks :)

That seems very accurate. Well done. I love it
Tryed my best to make it thanks coastercad.

Seems like a faithful recreation. Love the pathway works you did there.
Thanks Spridley ya the pathways where hard to get them that way.

The wait is over. I present you the pov of ozlris.

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Excellent recreation! I'm not sure about the accuracy of the height of the first drop, but the speed effect is here [up]
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