Painite Mining Nerf?

Before today, every time I revisited the same location in the same hotspots, the rocks were untouched (refilled). During my last run today, I seemed to be finding a lot of depleted rocks. I normally find one or two when I lose my sense of direction and go back over the same ground, but this time I was finding several runs of depleted rocks, and I'm pretty sure that I had only moved forward. Did anybody else notice anything like that?
Well then, I guess coming back to the game for a few weeks and grinding playing the game to two billion credits was a good idea ;)
I seemed to be going through more prospector limpets i.e.: less density of Painite-bearing asteroids, added about 20 minutes to my gather-time. Looks like FDev may have futzed with supply as well as demand. o7
My question is whether there's now some persistence in surface mined rocks that wasn't there before the patch. By persistence, I mean like we had with cored rocks, where you couldn't re-mine them after re-instancing.
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