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Do you Think its time to include a Paint Shop Add On to Frontier?
A Place where you can design your own skins/paint jobs for your Ships? It could be a separate Program (£10.00 a pop) that loads wire frame or plain grey ships and lets you run amok!
Skins could ONLY be distributed to your Guild/Group (prevents mini-businesses starting up)

Just a thought!


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And then next thing we get is a subscription for playing.

No tha... Oh wait, I'm a LEP holder. Yeah, go for it then :D
Current approach of generic skins solves one pain which is easy to forget: distribution of custom images between clients. I assume that you expect your skin should be visible for other players. I guess that currently several bytes is enough to make your ship visible for other player, like: model, age, weapon types, skin type and so on, with the information any client is able to build your ship locally for rendering. Adding bitmaps here will increase traffic definitely and could, for example, slow down entering instances.
The Forza games managed it, so it's doable. Would need to cost a pretty penny to offset lost sales in cosmetics, though. Maybe a realcash fee to keep it from vanishing when leaving starport vicinity?
why not follow the method of skin+paint regions+color. wouldn't be hard to say for example skin c region 1 blue, region 2 green, region 3 red. this way they can still make money from paint packs and skin style packs and we have more customization options.
frontier is pretty strict about the aesthetics they want their game to have. since that's actually one of the few things they do well ... i would just let them at it.

also, a secret: the only person in this world who cares about your paint jobs is you.
i don't know how apologists can defend the current micro-transaction system (commonly seen in freemium games) as a way to reward developers, that's the equivalent of rewarding them for installing a cash register for content that doesn't warrant a cash value.

thanks for selling me this dry hamburger, i'll reward you by purchasing some sauce!
Somewhere along the line, FD decided that they don't want hundreds of ships painted to look like genitals, and that's probably not about to change.
That's a good point, and probably the reason this couldn't happen.

It would, however make money for FD.

Charge the same for the design program as for Horizons et al.
Make that the sole way of uploading a design to the FD servers.
Charge the same for uploading each design as for buying a single new skin.
Allow people to sell/give-away design files.

FD earns the same profit for each new skin as they do currently.
The skins are held centrally and produce negligible loading delays.
Obscene skins could be reported and removed, with repeat offenders getting banned.
There are more skins to choose from, without FD paying for them to be produced.

There is at least one person who isn't interested in any stock paint-job, who would shell out for a bespoke design.
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