Paladin Consortium Anniversary Event: SRV Grand Prix!

The Paladin Consortium is about to celebrate the completion of its first year! As such, we're holding an SRV Grand Prix at our Sandy Ring Raceway on LFT 37 6 A. The race is open to anyone and everyone with an SRV and the skill to make it around the track! We're aiming for Friday the 14th of October, with the race scheduled to start at 20:00 GMT/UTC! Competitors should arrive earlier, about 19:15, so we can have a last minute driver's meeting to address any questions/concerns and reiterate the rules one last time before the shindig gets started. Also, the kind folks at Frontier (Thanks Zac!) have offered to supply us with Assassin Packs to give away to the top three competitors! So bring your A-Game and get yourself that fancy paintpack, which comes with a paintjob for the Vulture, just in time for the new ship kit!

The paintpack can be viewed here:

Heres a rundown of the basic rules:
1 - No shortcuts! To do so, is to invoke the wrath of Dakka!
2 - No shooting the other racers! To do so, is to invoke the wrath of Dakka!
3 - If your SRV explodes, you are allowed to continue the race with a spare SRV from the location of your demise.
The time it takes for you to bring your ship back to the track from Orbital Cruise, then deploy a new SRV, is penalty enough.

Also, synthesis *is* a legit option. You are allowed to repair/refuel mid-race so long as you have the materials. Its also perfectly acceptable, though significantly slower, to recall your ship and use it to repair your SRV.

Anyone who wishes to participate please send an email to: so I can get you an invite to the Discord server that will be used for the event. The ability to at least listen to voice chat is *very* heavily advised, and would prefer that people be able to speak on voice, as well. If you wish to spectate, simply show up at the time and date listed above!

Alternatly, simply use this link to join the Discord server we're using for the event:

The track itself is as follows:

Location: LFT 37 6 A
Coords: -13.2 / 43.48


Hope to see you all there!
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Remember everyone this race is open to the entire community! Anyone and everyone is welcome to spectate or participate in the race!
Its a tricky track! The surface is more ice than anything else, and the rocks can be kinda nasty. Good times await!
That really stinks! But you'll be able to watch after the fact, I'll be livestreaming the event as well as posting a video on YT for everyone to watch. =)
Oh, I like that very much !
The race track looks very nice, ok, I know what to do now : training ! :D

Too bad I can't turn my SRV into a WRC C4 :(
Are you going to have track marshals and volunteers to mark the track. Not too long ago I saw a group mark a canyon race with ships using mining lasers
Something like that is planned. We're aiming to have a few people about to act as markers/beacons. We also put together a video to show the route, as well as an overhead map.
Just read about this race in the newsletter and watched your video of the track and I love how it looks. I hope I'll be back from my long exploration trip in time for the event.
Is there a deadline for last signups for the race? Because I wont sign up right now since I don't know how long it'll take me to get back to the bubble.
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