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I'm glad someone is doing an Avatar like theme. I'm sure it will turn out great!

Can't wait to see more[happy]
Can't wait to see more. The very first park I ever attempted in PlanCo (back in the alpha days) was a Pandora like park. Basically I was experimenting with the whole floating island idea using the terriforming tools. Hope to see you do some floaters as well.
Cheers everyone! Didn’t expect such a fast reply, really enjoying building this up I feel it’s a great way to practise terraforming and taking full advtange of the theming/scenery however, this is just 1 themed area of part of a park that I’ll be making as I don’t plan on making a whole park dedicated to pandora as i feel there’s only so much you can do with the theme, but I’m going to make it as best as I can! 😊 here’s another one that I missed from earlier


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