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Hello CMDRS, now I know there are already a plethora of screenshot threads but I'd thought I'd make a little bit different of one. Here I will house all my Panoramic shots as well as my 360° shots. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share some of your own.

To see the 360° just click on the picture and it will link to a fullscreen version***

these 360° shots are not perfect at all as I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get all shots neccessary so you can look up and down but you can still turn a full 360 degrees from left to right or right to left.


On top of the world!

Black Hole Sun

Fumaroles of Kindra B 2 A (360°)
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The bottom of the canyon got some light and so here is a much better shot of the site:

Fumaroles of Kindra B 2 A (Click image for 360°)
Searching for interesting geology:

Setting Sail

Alien Wonders



The Gathering
These are awesome - I particularly like the 360's. How do you go about creating those images?
Thank you. Once you get the hang of the software it's not too bad. I use PTGui, then from the game I just move the camera in a full circle with the zoom all the way out and take shots ever 5 seconds or so. Then PTGui takes those images and stitches them together. The software does a great job with this, unless it's a space 360, it has a hard time getting all the pictures together and you have to manually select points in the various pictures to allow a proper stitch but it has some good assistants to help with selecting those points.

I'm really liking the way it throws you into the scene. I intend to do a lot more. Maybe make a little how-to so others can try and share as well. Regular Panoramas are easier of course, just need to get the photos and use automerge with photoshop.
Figured out how to get the proper 360° shots I wanted. Here is my first result. Next up will be a Guardian Tree site, then perhaps do a little 360° collection of stations and surfaces ports.


Taking a breather! (360°)

So good! Repped and bumping thread - these need to be seen by people! Gonna give them a permanent home in the photography section of my best of forum thread. I'll do that later today.
I appreciate it. These are fun, if not a bit of a pain in the butt to make. I'm excited to start touring the different stations and getting some good ones of those.
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Looking to have the space portion of the station 360 series done by Wed. Then will move onto the ground ports. I really love these tourism stations though....


Haha, steal away! I need to find a nice small potato to circumnavigate myself. Props to the first person to go for a +1000 radius planet, that's going to take some time.
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