[FEDERATION] Paradigm resurrection. Make the Galaxy Dangerous Again

Paradigm is coming back from the dead and it will leave a trail of blood across the galaxy.

Accepting recruits starts now.
The Don and his Consiglieri welcome pilots of all skill levels into the PARADIGM Family.

New recruits of lower skill levels will get trained and helped to achieve levels of competence where they are able to enforce the Family's policies.
Training will include mining, alien module acquisition, engineering guide, ship building guide, combat and survival technics, wing fighting.

Seasoned veterans will enforce Family policy and train new recruits.

Paradigm operates in OPEN. Paradigm family members are not afraid of re-buys and do not go hide in pg/solo. (one may go to other game modes, but expected to be present in open for policy enforcement). Paradigm members do not combat log and whine, if bested they act as honorable warriors and use to opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
Failing to meet the honor code of the family will result in expulsion from the family and being listed as KOS.

Paradigm takes part in Federal operations.
The home system of Paradigm is LHS 3006. Our faction struggles at the moment, but the Family is confident Paradigm will rule the system soon and more.
To achieve glory members have to adopt a ruthless mentality and be ready to kill even the weakest if the Family policy demands it.

Applications can be sent in-game to Paradigm (PARA)

The Don needs good soldiers and enforcers.
Become member of the Family Now.
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