Roller Coasters Paradise Lost - Realistic/Fantasy B&M Giga (Hyper)

Paradise Lost - Realistic/Fantasy B&M Giga (Hyper)

Lift up the mountain slope to a staggering 375' (115km) above ground free falling down an 87 degree spiraling drop approaching speeds of 115 MPH (185 km/h). Over 2 miles of serene track carved out of the mountain slopes with breathtaking curves and high speed underground fly-bys.


Original Video with no scenery (better FPS coaster POV)

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This is actually awesome!

The layout is quite good and it rides really smooth so that's great work! The effects in the themeing are very nice but could be more immersive. They could tell a bit of a story perhaps. Not saying they have to, this works well also, but you could also definitely still take it much further and make the whole area a lot more dense. Just a suggestion if you're looking for points to improve. What's there already is very well done though.

One thing I think needs to be criticized though is the fact that the name, the station architecture, and the general paradise-ish foliage don't really match up. The foliage, landscaping and name make it seem like it's a "lost paradise" theme while the architecture is a bit standard (although the shapes are good). Perhaps you could work on that too.

Still very good work overall and it shows you spent time on this!