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Hey Frontier/Ladies & Gentlemen of the forums :)

I pre-ordered the game back when it was to be released and have fallen in love with it. I was a massive fan of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and so was excited when I saw a game being made by you guys.

Fast forward to a year and my interest has begun to wane (this is being rectified by the new update and Claire's Sanctuary) and my main gripe is with the lack of attractions and a bunch of repetitive buildings. My Main Street seems to look the same across all islands and the buildings I place around the park lack variety. With this in mind, I've compiled a list of buildings and attractions that I would like to see.


A major component of the park. These can be used for viewing the dinosaurs or can be used like rides for those who are looking for a theme park/resort experience as well as a zoo experience. I'd like to see the following:
  • Cretaceous Cruise (This one could be difficult to implement admittedly. Water depth would need to change and space would be a factor).
  • Botanical Gardens (Could utilise the paleobotany mechanic in this. The rarer the plant, the more it attracts).
  • Enclosure based Viewing Gallery (think the hollowed out tree trunk in the T-Rex Kingdom).
  • Aquatic Park (visitor based, no animals, just a resort like area for visitors who want to relax and swim, maybe even include it as a variant of the Hotel).
  • Egg Spinner (referenced on the Isla Nublar map but never seen).
  • Gondola Lift (referenced in the story board for the film).
  • Treetop Gazers (planned attraction for guests to feed the sauropods, best used with Mamenchisaurus, Brachiosaurus and Dreadnoughtus).
Guest Facilities

Buildings that are key to increasing guest satisfaction. I'd like to see other variants of the existing buildings (e.g different Hotel appearance) with only a couple of additions for the list. They are:
  • Restrooms
  • Gift stalls (Like the ones on the film's Main Street. Smaller stalls to scatter through the park to increase satisfaction without losing too much space).
  • Pterosauria: The IMAX Experience
  • Coffee shop
The terrain tools, gates for the tours and scenery decorations that are coming up are a step in the right direction. I believe more attractions and other guest facilities, whether they be new or just variants, can make our parks look even more unique. Each park can have an attraction or two that would make it different to the last one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep up the good work!

Rhys P Garner
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