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I looked in the workshop on steam and didn't see any real parks yet like cedar fair, disney, etc. Maybe this is because the grids aren't large enough to build a complete replica of real world parks yet, but does anyone know if anyone has made any park replicas yet?

Thanks, the second link doesn't list a link to the steam community to subscribe to the magic mountain park, and the 3rd link is broken. The dc heros park looks cool.
There are some park replicas, and quite a bunch of coaster recreations. I guess most people dont make recreations because Planet Coaster gives us the ability to make our own dreamparks come to life. [big grin]
I'm working on my hometown park, Dorney Park, I did it in RCT3 but the layout isn't perfect due to the grid limitations. Now I'm trying it in Planet Coaster. I might also do Kings Island, I started that but didn't get far. Most of the adult rides at KI are in PC now. The map size is big enough for both parks, neither one will have a waterpark due to lack of soaked like slides, pools, and lazy rivers in PC. The Beast coaster won't fit though because of its size, you can't build coasters outside the park boundary. So I had to make a condensed version for PC. Both parks have a log flume and river rapids. And Dorney Park is getting bumper cars and a troika next year, the new bumper cars in PC will be perfect to put in my virtual Dorney Park. There's only about 7 adult flat ride types and 2 coaster types (inverted impulse and inverted boomerang) that are missing in PC that DP has. We will get the scrambler and troika eventually, and the regular giant wheel. I made Demon Drop using a coaster that has vertical lift and drop. Demon Drop is an Intamin 1st gen freefall relocated from Cedar Point in 2010 to Dorney Park.
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I've always loved the ideas of recreating real parks, etc. and I attempted to create some back in RCT3. But, they are often harder to create and often not as fun as creating your own idea of a dream park. Also, Planet Coaster is still newer, but I would be interested if more real parks came up in the future :)
There are some park replicas, and quite a bunch of coaster recreations. I guess most people dont make recreations because Planet Coaster gives us the ability to make our own dreamparks come to life. [big grin]
I'd say that most people don't make recreations because Planet Coaster gives us very limited tools, ride and stall options... I want to re-create Disneyland (California) in a Deciduous Biome, BUT...

1) No Snow Terrain Paint option in Deciduous Biome (Matterhorn)
2) No Red Rock Terrain Paint option in Deciduouse Biome (Thunder Mountain)
3) No "Gentle" Boat Ride (Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, It's A Small World)
4) No Submarine Ride option (Finding Nemo/Submarine Voyage)
5) No Bamboo and Thatch Roof Building options (Adventure Land, Jungle Scenery)
6) No Motion Simulator Ride (Star Tours)
7) No 3-D Cinema (Captain EO / Honey I Shunk the Audience)
8) No Arcade (Tomorrowland Starcade)
9) No Effective Dark Ride lighting options or tools (Snow White, Peter Pan, Mr. Toads, Alice in Wonderland, etc)
10) No Animatronic Dinosaurs (The Primeval World)
11) No Animatronic Animals (Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain)
12) Not Enough Spooky Scenery (The Haunted Mansion)
13) Ineffective Transport Ride System (Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad)
15) Forced PC Branding with No Generic Stall option (There is no Gulpee in Disneyland)
16) No Sports Car "Gentle Ride" option (Autopia)

Almost every single one of these omissions and / or issues was either included or addressed in RCT3... Aside from the actual building facades, it was much easier re-create real world theme parks in RCT3 than it currently is in Planet Coaster.

These are only the first SIXTEEN points that I thought of off the top of my head... There are many more.
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Main reason I haven't tried for Cedar Point (I live very near to CP) is the map in PC is just not big enough to try... AND.. there are many shops/stalls/rides (even at least two roller coaster types that I can think of) at Cedar Point that we do not have the equivalent of in PC. So it makes little sense to try. I've done some basic messing around recreating Millennium Force and Raptor, but as for the overall park we just don't have the right tools to complete it properly.
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I think there'll be more replicas once UGC is enabled.


You would probably have better luck in NoLimits 2 or in Theme Park Studio, because both games support custom scenery and free form coasters. But I don't see tracked or water rides in those. RCT3 is currently the only "complete" game in terms of content. But it has that grid restriction that the newer games don't have. I think over time PC will get better. There will probably be more content updates next year. And I'm sure they are reading our wish lists on here. Why do you think we got log flume, rapids, and bumper cars? Because they listened to the people. None of those three rides are in the other coaster game that is almost a joke. This is only the beginning for PC. I'm sure in time you will be able to build Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Here is an updated shot of the Dorney Park I'm working on. I live near the park. Steel Force, Thunderhawk, Demon Drop, and Revolution are in the shot. Dorney is getting new bumper cars and a troika next year. I'm glad PC got bumper cars. DP had bumper cars before but they were removed in 2010 for Demon Drop from Cedar Point. The Demon Drop in my recreation is a working ride, using a coaster with vertical lift and drop. The new bumper cars are being located by Talon where Hang Time, a top spin was since 1998. This past season the Hang Time spot was empty, just grass, they removed the concrete base and all.

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