park wide uniform colors

Basically I don't know if this is already a thing and I am just not seeing it anywhere.. I am new to the game (just got it a couple days ago..) But What I would like to see is park wide uniform colors.. Basically only having to set uniform colors for employees once and having a park wide check box like I can do with shop prices. Not having to change their colors every-time i make a new employee or make a new ride (as I would like to include operators and ticket checker in there too) would be awesome..
Yes please! I mean it really makes sense for your park to have certain uniforms.

Would also be cool to have a set uniform color scheme for shops and rides that are part of a work roster.
Gets my vote - I find it a real chore having to set the colours for all my janitors, engineers and security guards. I never bother with the vendors as there is simply too many of them to do.

I would also state the having a "global" salary option would be good too.
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