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Path placed Decorations to liven up, diversify and encourage creativity in guest areas. Benches, trashcans, flags, Fountains, Dinosaur Statues and Skeletons, Lamp posts, Park Information Posts.

The various decorations listed above can be placed freely upon any surface that is a path, in a way inverse to how buildings work. For some of these, such as lamps, benches, info posts and trashcans, there could be a snapping function to the edge, much like the way some building snap to the paths.

You already allow us to zoom in so very close, you've made all the gorgeous textures and models, allow us to further improve what you've put work into letting us see!
I totally agree! But it's hard to squeeze the buildings in already, so to go along with these decorations we also need more space on the island.
These are surely nice things to have!

If I recall correctly, earlier discussions point the problems to 1) Difficulty with consoles and 2) Difficulty with clipping and path finding. I will leave the first argument alone as I have no experience with consoles.

For difficulty with clipping of Dino vastly different in sizes, I think it makes better sense for all Dinos to destroy whatever comes in their paths. So does panicking humans. Forget about pathfinding and clipping! It is fun to watch rampaging Dino wrecks everything to pieces! Also, it creates an urgency during breakout as this becomes the new nightmare for players who like to spend their time decorating their parks to the finest detail.

For difficulty of pathfinding of ranger jeeps, it is a different story. Imagine how difficult it would be even for human players. When you want to turn out from the road, there are varying amount, position of obstacles all over your sides to the point you can’t really breathe especially in emergency situations. Other than asking the Devs to do enormous work on AI, the only 2 things I can think of are:-

- Having service roads, reserved for ranger jeep to ease things out. Of course, the jeep can go wherever they want but the AI will priorities the service road.
- If even the service road doesn’t solve pathing problem, I think it is legitimate for the jeep to wreck everything on their ways just like the Dinos! The point is – leave the problem to players. If they are careless with their designs, make them pay.​

In sum, I do drive jeep around lately. As DBlac said, I really appreciate the presence of details in textures and I do think the park will feel much more alive and beautiful with those decorations added.
I want to say that from the very beginning I lack something. And I realized that this is the scenery! I always look at a small piece of land, and I think that the scenery / decorations are not enough. I really want to place a flower, pillars with lanterns, terrariums, skeletons, benches, statues and so on. Perhaps I would like people to interact with them in some way, at least looking at the scenery.
The wide path placement currently auto spawn flag poles and trash cans at spaced intervals.

Could it do the same for park benches as well and have the guests interacting with them?
The wide path placement currently auto spawn flag poles and trash cans at spaced intervals.

Could it do the same for park benches as well and have the guests interacting with them?
I honestly would love for them to disable that and have those as place able items. I hate that I cant have a fancy wide path with no poles or at least less poles.
Not sure if this path decoration idea or more a totally different thing, but we really need the ability to place bridges over water or at least tunnels that go underneath. Always found it a little irritating if you try to make a natural looking habitat and want a path going through a river area and don't want to break the river up.
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