PAX East 2019 - Frontier Meet Announcement

You're also welcome to post any questions you might have in the thread below.
Well I won't be attending owing to distance etc so can you send me a copy of all your pre-prepared standard answers for the inevitable questions concerning
-Cobra MKIV on sale
-Season 4
-Requests for upgraded x

If you could record these I could put it on loop and pretend I'm there too.

Thanks in advance,



P.S. I always liked adding P.S. to letters because it fills up space and makes it look like you have more to say.

P.P.S. Just like this.
Agree. Also locally (Elite) carriers etc. created a lot of grief when cancelled, it would be better not to announce them in the first place. I'm sure the intent was good, naturally, but the result of cancellation was not.
Actually, someone did an unintentionally hilarious thread after the cancellation ("I was right, you were wrong"). Then the teaser for fleet carriers popped up and the poor guy was teased mercilessly. It was all very funny, and one of the best cases of "open mouth, insert foot, close mouth" I have ever seen! After that I have been very careful what I write online , I mean a bad post is like herpes, it never really goes away!
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