PAX East Ambassadors Needed

UPDATE - we've picked the ambassadors for PAX East now, thank you all so much for applying... we had some amazing, cool people getting in touch. If I didn't reach out to you, then that means we weren't able to take you along this time... but there's always room for me further down the line and we'll genuinely keep you on record to reach out at a later date :D


Hi everyone,

We’re looking for a number of people to come and be ambassadors for Elite Dangerous at PAX East in Boston, MA between March 09 and March 12 2017 (exact dates to be confirmed).

If you want to come and help us demo the game at PAX you must be over 21, free on the dates listed, familiar with the game, Massachusetts-based (or very close) and able to travel to Boston. You must also be able to put up with going to dinner with me at least once or twice during the trip (I'm a terrible dinner guest).

To apply, please send an email to, with your name, address, and reason why we should pick you as an Elite Dangerous ambassador for PAX East.

We will cover transport costs, accommodation and approved expenses. If you need any more information, don't hesitate to get in touch!

We've got quite a short deadline on this as we're getting things sorted out nice and early! So please have your applications in before the end of January.

Hopefully hear from you soon :)

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Would you cover my transport costs from the UK? If I travelled over with you, then I'd be based in Boston for the duration :p
I don't think I'd be a good ambassador, but it's sweet you guys are going to be at PAX East. Look forward to seeing you there.
What if we waive the travel costs for you and drive up? I'm within a day's drive and would likely not even need a hotel due to family being 30 minutes away from Boston.

I could even take you out to play with some of Murica's finest rifles at the Sig Sauer Academy in nearby Exeter. :p
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