News PAX East: Livestreams and Frontier Community Meet!

Brett C

Greetings Commanders,

As most of you might already know, Frontier is heading to PAX East in Boston from March 9 – 12! We are very excited to be representing with both Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster on the show floor, and have a host of awesome streams as well as a Community Meet planned for you!

On the first day of PAX (Friday March 10), Ed will be joined by Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco for two 1,5 hour-long streams live from Boston; we will be talking about some of the newly released content from the Elite Dangerous; The Commanders (2.3) beta and taking a closer look at the PlayStation 4 update coming this year. On Saturday and Sunday we will be joined by multiple streamer friends like Deejay Knight, Bad News Baron, Blitzkriegsler, Das Valdez, and more! We will be live on our official channels at specific times where these amazing content creators will join us on screen, and they will be streaming from their own channels alongside ours for most of the day. The streaming times will be released closer to the actual event, but this surely gives you a lot to look forward to – it will definitely be an epic couple of days!

Not only are we planning to have a blast with all these livestreams, we are also planning our first US-based Frontier Community Meet, with free food, drinks, fun, and goodies! We would love it if you awesome Commanders can join us!

If you...
  • Are available on the evening of March 9, 2017 (Thursday)
  • And can make it to our venue in central Boston
... then you are hereby invited to our Frontier Community Meet! We do have a limited capacity, so it’s first come, first serve basis.

All you have to do is sign up to request your tickets via this Google Form (, and wait for the community team to respond confirming your reserved tickets, which will disclose further information about the event. Please note the event is 21+, and you can reserve up to two tickets per person. Should you need more tickets or have any questions, please email us directly at with the email subject “Frontier Community Meet PAX”.

Ready your landing gears Commanders, we await your arrival!
Great time tonight!

Wish I could have met more of you, but at least I did get my picture taken with Ed!

Greylock meets Ed.jpg

Edit: Thanks FD and FD staff for putting on the event - I know traveling on business can put a strain on one's personal life, not to mention the company's cost of holding last night's event which was very well done. Thanks!
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What a great event.
I had a lot of fun, and not nearly enough time to meet fellow players. But some connections were made.
Maybe i can leave my solo play life behind me finally ;-)

Thank you Frontier for making that happen ! Keep up the good work.
Only 5000 km away, but on the right Continent! I seriously thought about cashing in some points for this. However it was yesterday.

Please come to Vancouver, or even better Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! Or even just Pax Prime. I'd be all over that.
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