[LFG] [PC] Flat Earth Ninjas is recruiting. You should join.

We are looking for Commanders that would like to form a solid player group so we can then look at submitting to Frontier for minor faction status. This branch of Flat Earth Ninjas is newer compared to other games in which we are involved. We are looking for Commanders of all skills and experience levels in game. If you are a new(er/ish) player, you are more than welcome. If you are an experienced Commander that is interested in teaching and growing a new player group into a minor faction, we definitely would like to hear from you, as we are also looking for potential leaders for this branch of FEN. Once we have the required amount of members we will be submitting for player group status. We would like to grow the player group to a solid amount of active Commanders then apply for minor faction status. Interested Commanders can also check us out on our Guilded page here. Thanks.
Flerfers playing a space game, that’s a new one. Much mirth and lols. But I think I’ll pass.
By the way, Conspiracy Catz sends his regards. 😉
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