This is just a thought, but if I see the crowd pulling out cell phones and playing Pokemon Go in my park I'm going to have security escort them out. Or wait, better yet - I'll have an event where I advertise EXTRA Pokemons with a chance at a rare and bump the ticket prices up that day by 200%. Easy money.
Cmon man you apparently dislike the hype yet you basically advertise the game in a Planet Coaster forum.
If security escorted out everyone who's playing Pokemon Go in WDW at the moment, there would be nobody left in the park [big grin]
[haha] "All coaster are empty because everybody is playing Pokémon GO"

And N3ko and creaper must be fun at parties [rolleyes]
It really was just meant to be a joke, thanks for getting it Gregor. [happy]
Well here's something else that's funny: I'm standing in a queue right now at Epcot and there's people all around complaining that Pokemon Go had been down for an hour today [haha]

There's loads of people playing that silly game where you put your phone on your head as well. Called "Heads up" or something my brother tells me...
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What about guests jumping the fences and wandering onto coaster tracks to catch their precious Ralts? [yum]

edit: Advertising? Everyone knows about this game...
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My head went somewhere way different when I read the headline. I was thinking you go to a real park, "catch" real-world coaster designs.
wow, i had never heard of this Pokemon go until this blatant advertisement and now i'm uninstalling PC and heading out into the unknown!

haha but on a serious note - i kinda would love if guests used phones in the parks. would just add realism of standing in a queue and looking/texting etc at your phone!
A lot of hype with pokemon too. Several of my xbox and real life friends have mentioned it. I got it on my samsung s5 too. But smartphones lack the raw hardware power which custom desktop pcs with high end hardware have.