[EMPIRE] PC Player with 40 hours and an Adder looking for group.

I would prefer Empire groups if possible, but I am newish and just trying to find my way around honestly. I am currently trying to do Passenger runs, but find it rather... boring. I like combat, I just don't have the money or skill to do that stuff yet. I've been hoping if I could find a position like a bodyguard for miners or haulers of some type, then again I would have to get a better ship. But oh well, i'll see what you guys have to offer and make my decision then!

Edit: I have a mic but I am 16 so.. yeah.
o7, CMDR. I am a Councillor of The Resonance Fleet, we would be happy to have you among our ranks. We're not a very big group and we're not empire (we're independent), but we're a friendly bunch :). We also have a minor faction with which we are trying to take control of our home system. If you're interested, you can join our discord server with this link: https://discord.me/rfmz
Hi there.
Not really a group here but i usually deal with the kind of stuff you mentioned.
If you need any advice or a little help making money in the game feel free to contact me: Nik Fury
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