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Ok I see a lot of people mentioning crashes and freezing up. I have huge park and yes it’s slow but can still play. Have i7 8700 3.2 ghz that can clock up to 4.6 with 1080 Nividia card on an Alienware pc. I know they are working hard on console edition which is great but why no patches to improve pc gaming and more ride add ons like they were doing.... us pc gamers shouldn’t be abandoned we know they are working on the console edition. We are reason they got this far and some updates would be nice as it’s been several months since we had anything .... any thoughts ?


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The codebase will need to remain for all intents and purposes static until the Console version is done.

Planet Coaster on PC had 3 full years of support before they took a pause to create a console version. Steam updates are likely to resume when the console version launches.

Honestly though, the game is as stable as a rock for the majority of people these days. If your game is crashing then it's likely a software or driver conflict which could probably be resolved by opening a ticket with Frontier Support and working together to locate any potential issues.

Overclocking can certainly lead to instability though, don't overdo it. Try scaling it back a bit.
So that means we won’t see an update or new content like more rides until at least next year? Console version release was delayed until December I believe instead of summer. Now I understand the lack of new official content since Ghostbusters. The Windows version took a break during development of the console version. The problem with Planet Coaster unlike RCT2, 3, and Parkitect is that there is no way yet for users to make new working rides and new ride cars for the game yet. TMTK is scenery only. But only Planet Coaster has the ability to build off grid unlike those other games I mentioned. RCT3 was also developed by Frontier but published by Atari. We are still missing a working Gravitron. RCT3, RCTW, and Parkitect have Gravitrons. The UFO type ride that spins and people are held to the walls inside by gravity. They are mostly found in fairs, carnivals, and seaside parks/piers.
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We did have a quality of life patch after the Ghostbusters release based on the console optimisation they had been doing. Performance for many users was greatly improved. I have no idea if we can expect further improvement on release of console edition.
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