Will this pc run planet coaster
Intel i7 6700 Quad Core @ 4.00GHz
GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
MSI H110M PRO VH Motherboard | Dual Aerial 300Mbps Wifi Card
16Gb Ram
1tb Storage
3 Year Collect & Return Warranty
I know that, but will it run it when i have a well built park
Yes, your specs are good. [up] Just expect dips in frame rate (less than 30) once you start going past 5,000 guests. You can lock guest count in the options to keep frame rate more stable but your specs are definitely "above the norm" compared to most.

To give you a better visual, this guy has 10,000+ guests with a 4ghz processor, a gtx1070 and it runs around 14fps,

It's a pretty big, spread out park (more images are linked)
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Yes, that setup runs the game quite well. It will run large parks at approximately 18 fps. This is the only setup that I can give an estimated fps on because it looks like my own setup: i7-6700K + GTX 1060 6G + 32 GB RAM + SSD.