[INDEPENDENT] Peaceful Explorers and Scientists - The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is recruiting

Greetings CMDR's!

The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is seeking like-minded CMDR's interested in PEACEFUL scientific and exploration efforts throughout the galaxy.
We are a PC only squadron which collects, stores, and studies astronomical data.

The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] seeks to collect, store, and study astronomical data.

Squadron Goals:

  • Connect like-minded squadrons together.
  • Help unify data collection efforts (EDMC Plugin).
  • No aggression towards other CMDR's.
  • Offer science expertise and exploration assistance freely, and openly.
  • Peacefully explore the galaxy, and pursue scientific research.
  • Share data openly and appropriately.
Squadron Rules:

  • We play in solo, or Squadron PG.
  • We support "open" science.
  • We will NOT engage in hostile acts against other CMDR's, and will use the least amount of force necessary to defend from attack.
  • We will share notable discoveries freely, and post them for peer-review in bulletin format.
  • We are officially "neutral" with respect to the Federation, Empire, and Alliance superpowers.
  • We provide a safe space - harassment of any kind, or disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • We do not chase myths, or engage in wild speculation.
  • We observe, study, and record.
  • We do not require members to be actual scientists. A passion for science and exploration is very helpful though!
If you are passionate about exploration, and scientific discovery, come check us out or send an in-game message/friend request to Urania Minora or Dr. Arroway.
Very relaxed/casual structure. Like any research group our members are free to pursue their own goals, so long as there's no conflict with squadron rules.

For more information visit:
Or our discord: https://discord.gg/2Qq37xt
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After receiving a few questions, I want to clarify:

There is absolutely NO requirement to be a RL scientist in order to join IGAU.

We are looking for peaceful and respectful explorers who are interested in the mysteries the galaxy has to offer.
Even though Fleet Carriers have been delayed, we're still looking for a few more explorers to join the Intergalactic Astronomical Union.

While the Fleet Carrier delay is unfortunate, there is still plenty to do, and an entire galaxy to explorer.

For those who enjoy a bit of BGS action - we have partnerships with over a dozen squadrons - plenty of systems and stations to engage in.

Explorers new and old, all welcome in IGAU.
We are planning some expedition efforts and surveys for the next few months.
If you are interested in participating, and/or joining the squadron, stop by our Discord.

Also, if you are more of a trade/bgs focused player, give us a holler. IGAU is primarily an exploration focused squadron,
however we could use a few folks in our home system to "hold down the fort" while we're out on expeditions!

Hello IGAU, I've tried to get in touch in-game a couple of times, but I'm not sure my messages have gotten through. Short version: newb, but love your mission, want to help/join. CMDR BrickSteelhead in-game. Should I try the Discord, or is there another, better way to be in touch with the Squadron leadership?
There's very few "hard" rules for IGAU, however we take a strong anti-PVP stance.
We will defend when necessary, but never will initiate an attack.

That being said, you are more than welcome to join our discord as a guest, and help with exploration efforts.
We can also put you in touch with a few of the squadrons we are in coalition with.

Discord server link is in my signature block.

Hi IGAU, I am playing PVP / Open, but would really love to get involoved with a group like yours. Could you offer any suggestions?
Happy Holidays!

A new year is quickly approaching, and with it, several expeditions that IGAU will be participating in, including one we are currently organizing, and will be announcing soon.

IGAU welcomes players of all skill levels, new, experienced, and even those returning from a long absence.
If peaceful space exploration and scientific study is your thing, we're the squadron for you!
Great start to the new year, IGAU has several science expeditions in progress, and quite a few folks participating in the "Celebration of Early Astronomy" expedition

If you enjoy peaceful exploration activities, and a little PVE mining/trade/BGS to mix things up on occasion, we're the squadron for you.

Stop by our Discord, or visit our Wiki / Inara page for more information - links in my signature block.

Sent a friend request & join group request in game.

My "notable" "publications" are:

- survey of Orionis constellation with the equipment available in v1 & v2 of the game

- reference sheet to identify astronomical bodies by their HUD hologram, which became obsolete with introduction of FSS, but otherwise should still be valid
I want to lend my vote of approval of a casually sophisticated and inclusive squadron - looking for low-key, drama-free Cmdrs place to call home when they come from the Dark.....Several talented ED Community contributors / developers are regular visitors...Even has a little BGS faction work and network with other like-minded player factions..

Stop by and say hello!

Thank you for the kind words!

For those of you looking for an exploration focused squadron (occasionally dabbling in other aspects of the game), which provides a mature, safe, and inclusive environment, come check us out.

Don't hesitate to pop into our discord with any questions you might have about what we do, or even to just talk about exploration!
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