Peak - A new high point in exploration

I am reading it as I type - impressive stuff indeed. It has inspired me to put down on a couple of low-G moons and take the SRV out for a spin or two. It also makes me wonder what the highest G planet SRV circumference is?
It also makes me wonder what the highest G planet SRV circumference is?
In the EDSM data, some of the highest-G landables have some pretty large circumferences (unsurprisingly). They seem to be in the range of 100,000 - 160,000 km.

mysql> select name,subType,gravity,radius,floor(radius*2*PI()) as circumference from planets where isLandable=1 order by gravity desc limit 10;
| name                        | subType                  | gravity | radius  | circumference |
| Hypoae Ain IM-W f1-0 B 17   | High metal content world | 16.9763 | 18483.8 |        116137 |
| Aemonz AF-A e77 4           | Icy body                 |  13.848 | 25415.8 |        159692 |
| Eord Flyuae AA-A h152 ABC 2 | Icy body                 |  11.903 | 25088.6 |        157636 |
| Kyloalks DL-Y g17 4         | High metal content world | 9.89757 | 19924.6 |        125189 |
| HD 148937 3                 | High metal content world | 9.77639 | 20187.1 |        126839 |
| Byua Ain XJ-A f2626 A 1     | Metal-rich body          | 9.62285 | 17098.5 |        107432 |
| Schienia AA-A h158 ABC 2    | High metal content world | 9.24359 | 16806.9 |        105600 |
| Eord Flyuae BQ-Y f254 5     | Icy body                 | 9.12689 | 24304.4 |        152709 |
| HD 12302 2                  | High metal content world | 8.95947 | 16718.1 |        105043 |
| Skaudoae ZG-C d13-28 13     | Icy body                 | 8.78483 |   24254 |        152392 |
10 rows in set (11.69 sec)
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True - but an SRV exped might focus on a particular area or range of (low) peaks. Attempting a planetary circumference of one of those monsters would be insane . . . right?
Unfortunately there is a mistake in the EDSM data. Hypoae Ain IM-W f1-0 B 17 is not a landable body. Perhaps it was landable some time ago, i dont know.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was flagged as landable originally, and then maybe FDev added a hard cap at 10G gravity? Not sure. But yeah, I wouldn't count on anything over 10G as seriously landable, unless we can confirm otherwise.
Shame - I just plotted a route to it: 311 jumps in the old Lakon Type 6 from my current position core-ward from the Bubble near Hillary Station. Well, that's that madness scuppered!
Excellent! Exploring faaaar below the plane myself right now. Not as far as you but still - it gets lonely far below Hawking's Gap where stars are scarce and far apart. I have yet to master the Neutron Star jump thingy so I'm roleplaying a bit. I mean, I can't be all alone on a big ship can I. And if it's just a robot barkeeper like in the movie PASSENGERS to keep me company. He's easy with the drinks and fortunately, I bought enough at my 'home' at EZ Aquarii to drink myself to death over the span of years. And yet, the memories remain.

Flying along the Gap. Going right to visit Beagle Point in about 1500 jumps. Then back to that new space station near Sgr A*, an old friend. On to Colonia and back. Should have developed a solid alcohol addiction once I'm back in my old apartment on Magnus Gateway. Might go pirate for some time by then. But still, the memories remain...
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Then I saw it.

While the neutron stars were not in ideal positions, they would work. There was only one small problem. There was a gap that was just too wide to cross with my Asp Explorer, the Buckeye II, even with a premium injection. Well,technically, I could have just made the gap if I jumped on fumes, but that would have left no fuel for the rest of the journey upwards.

As I began my climb up, I stopped at the final scoopable star before a series of nine jumps with no known fuel sources available.
as I posted in the linked thread (Peak Visitors List), I made the trip with my ASP Explorer. She has 69,5 LJ Jumprange (on fumes), and I experienced an ugly feeling, when you as a pilot notice, that, there is probably one more jump into a system to refuel, than you have calculated.

Well...I was f***ing nervous and excited. I never...believe me ....never had more fun in Elite before. Even real PVP fights (that are fun) did not give me this special feeling and immersion.

It is a good plan: find the frontiers. Search the galaxy. How far can you go? Can you ever come back?

The ELW you found up there, and I have visited because you found the way up there, should be a place where I will go and build a station if I could. It is more than beautiful. It is....awesome.

Loved this trip! Thanks!
It’s not proper exploration if you’re not plotting manually and getting back on fumes! Bonus points if you have to do the hyperspace fuel calculations by hand to figure out the route.
Heh, this makes my discovery of and return from HD 40064 pale in comparison, especially with that ELW. :)

Also, I only managed to reach systems ~3001Ly upwards as the highest and 28xxLy downwards as the lowest one so far.

Nice work!
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