Perhaps it's time to stop pinging Sally for every little thing


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Sally is a wonderful human being, and someone who tries very hard to be understanding and engaging. However she also feels a personal burden to respond to those who message her, even if it might be to the detriment of herself.

When Sally first started responding on the forums to posts with regularity it was only supposed to be a once a week thing, as the team were going to share the days around. But because Sally is very personable more and more people just started pinging her directly all hours of the day/night and over the weekend too. Responding to hundreds of comments a day is not her main job and people now have the opinion that she will respond and some get annoyed when it doesn't happen quickly enough for them, this can easily result in other areas suffering or the work carrying over into personal time.

Sally's signature isn't an exaggeration. So I'd just ask you have a bit more restraint and stop pinging Sally for everything thinking she's going to solve all your issues, because she will want to try, and that is putting undue pressure on her. Sally has shown great kindness to us here, let's repay it.
I would assume it's a given that people at a tart fair think their homegrown chili and strawberry pies are grand.
Who are they supposed to message?


Nothing against Sally, mind you. Even if I don't recall what her signature says and haven't messaged her, I doubt I'd want to be in her shoes.
Good luck. 🍻
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In Warframe there is a "Lotus" account. We have in-game chat. So one day I whispered "Oh Lotus, guide my path!" and got actually a Zen answer back. There also is "redtext" who makes silly and funny comments before a patch deploys. It's very endearing. I don't think Ford does it all herself - there is several people. One can't handle it all and at some point you have to cut down, distill and use the distilled info. The CM has to be the link between devs and community, but they can't fix everything and can only work with what they have.
It's become progressively harder with social media fracturing up the places where communities meet - maybe organise a show where current events and development is discussed. I think they do very fine with the Warframe crew. It's a hard job, communicative, socially experienced in many situations, getting respect in the company for the job they do, not sucking at playing the game, being a general star - you have to be a special kind of person for that.
Sally has made a very distinct impact recently being very charming I can't even think of ranting about engineering when she is being a sunshine. But distance is important. Just like devs will bleed out on community work a CM can too - players are a ravenous mob. Locusts. We nibble you to pieces with rage and we nibble to pieces with love as well.


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I would assume it's a given that people at a tart fair think their homegrown chili and strawberry pies are grand.
Who are they supposed to message?
Somebody pinged Sally to ask if there was going to be a important narrative influencing CG next week. That's the sort of thing that can not and will not be answered by anyone.

People are asking for specific issues from the tracker to be looked into and for information about what's happening to them. That's not how the issue tracker works.

You wouldn't message anyone specific for either of those.
I agree, I've seen pings for the silliest and most irrelevant queries.
The system is being abused, but it's all down to self restraint.

On the other hand, it's taking me a massive effort not to ping her on this very thread to have her view on this matter... 😳
I was tempted as well, but more due to the fact that I'm a bit of a cheeky git. :D
The whole issue is Sally "she who is wonderful and amazing and all the positives and goodness in here" , is one person.
There are other CM's but for whatever reason don't respond back to pings unfortunately .
Sally took the "we shall communicate better" to heart and does so with her own little foibles . I who was once a great forum whinger have seen the light and know that when she finds out she will lettuce know .
So yes let's give the other CM's a hard time and see if they can respond and do their part in helping Elite be great again .
On another forum there was this guy liking all the posts. So I was like, "he really likes my posts! I'm forum god now!" But he just did it to mark what he had read. That was heart-crushing.

Yea I presume it's just a notification that the person read my post because I'm not nearly interesting enough for someone to chuckle at whatever crap I post on that or any thread really.
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